What not to do in the day of the Holy virgin

According to legends, the virgin all year protects him, covering it with a cover.

Що не можна робити на день Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

Every year, October 14, believers around the world celebrate the great feast of the intercession of the virgin. This is one of the most important festivals dedicated to the virgin Mary. The traditions and rituals of this holiday are passed from generation to generation. Over the years the festival has had time to grow into rites and taboos, the sacred was revered by our ancestors, informs Rus.Media.

How to spend the day to live the entire year in happiness and well-being.

The Feast Of The Intercession Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

In the heart of the holiday is the story of Andrew the Holy Fool. It was he and his disciple blessed Epiphanios saw the mother of God, stretches out over the people gathered in the Blachernae Church his omophorion. The vision was the following: the virgin Mary descended of the Royal doors, it was accompanied by John the Baptist and John the Theologian, near the altar of the mother of God took off his mantle and held it over the praying people.

The veil shone a bright light like the sun. Soon Mary went away and left God’s grace. This vision saved the inhabitants from enemies. This day strong wind arose, which did not allow the enemy troops to approach the city. It was a miracle, and the faithful after some time, began to celebrate this great day.

For Christians this is an important day, like all the feasts connected with the virgin. Accordingly, this day brings special taboos and rituals. We talk about them.

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Ban the feast of the Intercession of the virgin

  1. In this day forbidden to engage in economic work. For example, it is prohibited to build, to clean, to wash, to sew, knit, and iron. Preferably don’t even have to cook anything before a late dinner.
  2. Banned in the day to quarrel and use bad language.
  3. The Church prohibits in this day of drinking alcohol and overeating.
  4. It is believed that on this day you can not borrow money
  5. Our ancestors believed that today it is impossible to deny the matchmakers. According to accept a girl who refused to matchmakers to Cover three years will not be betrothed.

    Що не можна робити на день Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

Comply with the prohibitions necessary to the extent that as you do it, what’s more important is to pray that day. In this holiday has long been customary to offer prayers to the virgin Mary, asking for her health, assistance and protection, and even love and happiness in family life. It is believed that the virgin Mary all year protects him, covering it with a cover.

Special this day is for girls who want to marry. To them this day is required to go to Church and light a candle at the icon of the Holy virgin. Mary sincerely ask about the imminent marriage and a happy family life. These requests most often come true, and, by the Veil she marries.

Що не можна робити на день Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

Necessarily this day to help those in need. Our ancestors believed that in the evening it is necessary to arrange a party and have fun. In addition to traditions and prohibitions, until we reached a very unusual rites of this holiday. Of course, now not all of them can and should be applied, but to learn about this interesting.

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Rites on the day of the Intercession

To protect from diseases

So the children are not sick, mom put the baby on the bench, gave her into the hands of the mother of God and pray about health. Also on this day children were taken out, put on the sill and watered with clean water. It was believed that through this child will be healthy all year.

For wealth

The house was wealth, our ancestors were burning Apple branches and fumigated with smoke all the corners in the house, whispering conspiracies. It was believed that if you feed this stray animals day, it will bring good luck to the house.

A special day for the newlyweds

The couple has long been trying to choose for a wedding that day, it was a good sign. Believed to play a wedding that day, the couple life will be under the intercession of the virgin. Young will never split and rarely fight.

Що не можна робити на день Покрови Пресвятої Богородиці

These are simple rituals and traditions that came to us from our ancestors. Stick to them or not, it’s yours. Most importantly, spend the day with family and don’t forget to pray. Let there always be with you Holy virgin!

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