What kind of workouts do burn fat: “it used to be that it is a cardio”

Какой вид тренировок действительно сжигает жир: «Раньше считалось, что это кардио»

Experts have called the most effective exercise for fat loss before the summer season

As reported by Clutch, to the question “what kind of load is most conducive to fat burning?” the fitness trainer Julia Bogdan said the following:

Какой вид тренировок действительно сжигает жир: «Раньше считалось, что это кардио»

“I had always thought that it cardio because it is an aerobic type of load, that is, when we run or perform any continuous operation, the body burns not carbohydrates, and fats. Now a lot of techniques and high-intensity training, where 20-30 minutes we actively work to be performed weight training. And as the body fulfills, not burning fats, and carbohydrates. But when we recover — and we recovered 12-24 hours after such intense exercise, the body continues to burn calories. Therefore for effective weight loss is recommended to combine weight training and cardio,” concluded the coach.

Earlier it was reported that to be attractive and healthy at any age. The main thing is motivation and a great desire. The first step towards getting rid of extra inches to balance your diet and give up bad foods.

Are you over 45 and want to lose weight at home? Make sure your refrigerator is always enough fruit, vegetables and berries. In particular, citrus fruits, apples, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. Fruits and vegetables contain few calories and at the same time saturate the body with nutrients. These foods help the digestive system, strengthens heart health. Bananas, for example, are rich in potassium and help to reduce blood pressure.

Cook whole grain cereals. Buckwheat, oat, corn and wheat cereals are the best options for Breakfast. Contained in grains vitamins will help normalize the digestive system. Your gut will thank you for such a choice.

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