What is the impact of meat on health

Как влияет мясо на здоровье организма

Whether the meat is so good as we think

Meat is one of the products that we use in your diet every day. Especially men dependent on meat dishes. Meat gives us energy, life force.

Without meat, we can not imagine your life. Almost every dish is composed of meat. So what meat is dangerous for our body?

Consider several factors the impact of meat on human health. Meat contains growth hormone. We are talking about purchase meat grown chicken at home has no growth hormones, because every owner to take care of healthy nutrition of their livestock, then to eat nutritious product.

On farms, especially with a large number of cattle, farmers often add different substances that make meat tasty and contribute to the rapid growth of the animal. Later we buy that meat and eat it together with all the harmful additives, including growth hormone, which leads to hormonal disruption in humans. Especially dangerous meat with growth hormones for women’s health.

Как влияет мясо на здоровье организма

Meat disrupts the metabolism. This is especially harmful to people who follow the diet. Only boiled chicken is good after intense workouts. Fats are found in meat aggravate the digestive system, is poorly absorbed in the body and lead to the deposition of excess weight and subcutaneous fat.

Meat causes many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diseases of the digestive tract, liver disease. Meat is very hard to digest in the stomach, therefore, not to suffer from overeating, it is best to cook meat with vegetables or consume small quantities garnish.

Due to daily consumption of meat can form the joints, are laid waste and cholesterol. You should think about what we eat products that constitute health problems, accumulation of toxins, and then try to get rid of these ailments. The meat can be consumed, but it must be done very carefully. Buy only domestic meat and cook it with additional ingredients.

Как влияет мясо на здоровье организма

Earlier, American scientists have compared the effects of vegan and meat diets on human health. In particular, researchers from the Institute for clinical and experimental medicine and Institute of endocrinology in Prague believe that a vegetable diet contributes to the presence of certain intestinal hormones that help regulate blood pressure.

Moreover, these same hormones are responsible for satiety and are given to overeat. In scientific work the research team examined health records of 60 men, 20 of whom were obese, 20 — diabetes 2-type, 20 — control group.

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