What follows is the refusal of meat named products in which a lot of protein

Что следует есть при отказе от мяса: названы продукты, в которых много белка

Protein is the basic building material for our body and sufficient quantity in the diet just need

Meat is a valuable source of protein, but recent studies of this product are forcing more people to abandon it.

Recently, the Lancet published the scientists ‘ argument that the resources of planet Earth cannot provide food for the growing population, humanity for the sake of survival will have to reduce meat eating.

Что следует есть при отказе от мяса: названы продукты, в которых много белка

According to new data that were presented at the world economic forum, replacing the beef protein plant contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, and nutrition-related mortality by 5%. But what can replace meat?

Product one: seaweed. Most people think that the algae is grass and nothing nutritious in them. Meanwhile, according to the publication The Lancet, in its nutritional potential of algae is not inferior to chicken eggs, they saturate and are well absorbed.

Product two: the beans. Researchers from Harvard University proves that beans is not only highly nutritious and healthy for the body the protein product. Their data indicates that the replacement of beef legumes can afford to reduce greenhouse gas emissions already in 2020.

Product three: insects. Sooner or later, humanity will still come to that will eat insects. Well, actually this is a really great protein source, also contain many healthy fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamins of group B. the Insects to Mature faster and reproduce, and require much less land and water, making them environmentally preferable compared to animal husbandry.

Product four: nuts. Any nut is a protein product, although different types and different contents of fat, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the cultivation of nuts is associated with less production-threatening atmosphere of carbon dioxide even in comparison with insects. A worthy replacement for meat, scientists say.

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Что следует есть при отказе от мяса: названы продукты, в которых много белка

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