What dreams are you cannot tell other people

Какие сны нельзя рассказывать другим людям

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In dreams our subconscious reproduces images from their past or tell the future. Sometimes our dreams are so vivid and amazing that we can’t wait to share them with others. In many cases, doing this is strictly forbidden.

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Plunging in sleep, rest and recuperate, despite the fact that his brain remains active. Our subconscious mind is able to work all day, that is why in dreams are reproduced images, and events seen earlier.

However, some dreams have no references to our past, and seem to us quite strange. There is an opinion that such dreams are a warning because they want to warn us about something important.

When the dream makes a strong impression, we have a desire to share it with family and friends, but, as it turned out, it can be fraught with consequences.

What dreams can and cannot tell other people

You’ve probably noticed that some of our dreams are quite strange and incomprehensible. However, this does not mean they have no significance. If after waking up you can’t understand the meaning of the dream, but he left you a bad impression, to tell it to others is optional.

First we need to think about it to figure out what he wanted to warn you.

Not all weird dreams are negative. Many of them, at first glance, seem meaningless, but after them within us is a pleasant feeling. About this dream you can tell your friends without fear of unpleasant consequences.

It is not recommended to talk about the dreams that can warn you about future events. For example, if in the near future you planned an important event, and on the basis of emotion you saw a dream that in the midst of the event you have a gaffe, it is not necessary to share it with others, otherwise the dream can become a reality.

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It is not necessary to talk about dreams in which you had to be at the center of an unpleasant situation. Sometimes these dreams occur on the basis of fear. For example, if a person is going out and experiencing the excitement, on the eve of the meeting, he can see the dream, where during a visit he had to endure the shame.

Such dreams occur very often, but that they were not real, leave them to themselves.

It has been proved that less people see prophetic dreams. Normally the subconscious mind warns us about what is going to happen with us in the near future.

Such dreams tell banned, but, unfortunately, to understand some of our dreams are prophetic is quite difficult.

It is therefore not necessary to immediately share with people your dreams, but if you really want to share them, do it after a while.

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