What diseases are developed through work with the computer

Together with the comfort and efficiency of information come health problems.

Які хвороби розвиваються через роботу за комп&#039ютером

It does not say that the computer has a harmful effect on the entire human body, starting with vision and ending with the joints. What can you expect from an assistant?


The basic cause of this disease is the ignorance or disregard of proper posture while working. For the prevention of disease is necessary periodically to do gymnastics to get out of the workplace and to engage in physical activity (to walk, to carry out a small set of exercises), informs Rus.Media.

Another important factor is ergonomics (convenience) of the workplace. Chair or armchair, the location and size of the monitor, the table should not cause discomfort while working. In addition, you need to constantly follow the position, not satalites, do not sit too close to the monitor.

Blurred vision

Computer eye syndrome is one of the first irregularities facing the person sitting at the computer than one a few hours a day. In addition, worsening the very condition of the eyes as they are not designed for constant viewing near objects.

And yet, the so-called computer visual syndrome (KZS) is a reaction of the eyes to the increased load. Symptoms of this disease can be visual and eye. The former include blurred vision, slow refocusing from near objects to distant and Vice versa, razdolbannye items, as well as eye fatigue. Ocular manifestations – sensation of sand under the eyelids, pain during eye movements.

The main reason for the occurrence of a GLC is that during prolonged work at the computer a person has no needs refocusing of view as all the required work is at the plane of the screen, but in real life people must constantly refocus the eyes between objects that are at different distances.

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Lack of exercise

When the sedentary lifestyle, sitting at a computer, we condemn your body for permanent health problems. People must constantly be in motion, while the load on the joints are distributed evenly, cardiovascular system along with breathing works in unison, and the blood circulation functioning normally. Working front of a computer monitor such a condition is hardly possible.


Working indoors, computers can cause respiratory allergies. Volatile compounds that can cause allergic reactions, are highlighted during the heating of the plastic housing parts of a system unit, monitor.

It was found that when heated to 50-55 °C plastic used for housings of monitors, begins to secrete a pair trifenilamin and Board for print is a source of compounds based on fluorine, chlorine, phosphorus and some resins. In addition, toner particles (powder for printing on the printer) and ozone stand out during printing, can also become a negative factor for Allergy sufferers.

Should follow the the clean PC: to clean the surface of the monitor with the help of special tools and at least twice a year to carry out cleaning inside the system unit.


Computer work is always accompanied by stress and the most common cause is accidental loss of information as a result of failure. On the nerves of the PC user is also affected by non-performing programs, virus attacks, negative information in the news. If such factors have an effect on the person she is nervous, irritable and capable of inadequate acts.

Paradoxically, the specialists advise to use to prevent or relieve this stress, the same computer. Listen to music, view video or images, communicate online with other people – these are the tools that can lift the mood and relieve nervous tension.

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Usually the computer becomes a cause of insomnia. Stress and dependence on the computer can cause sleep disorders. Moreover, insomnia often accompanies allergic conditions. Furthermore, the systematic violation of the regime of work and rest may also cause sleep disorders. To avoid this you should pay attention to the clear alternation of working time and periods of rest.

From all the above it follows that computers will bring only harm to human health. However, at least one plus the scientists found that the electromagnetic effects on the person who spends a lot of time at the computer, much smaller than the one that has a natural electromagnetic background.

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