What country you should move to live under the sign of the Zodiac

В какую страну вам стоит переехать жить согласно знаку Зодиака
Where is your destiny?


Pragmatic and goal-oriented Rams their best qualities could be in Germany or Austria. In these countries, regardless of the city, they are able to reveal their best qualities and to show what they’re capable of.

People “from the Earth” – Taurus can be attracted to the beautiful nature, fertile lands and open people. That is why they ought to settle in the Balkans, possibly Montenegro, Bulgaria or Moldova. Where flowing delicious wine, where people bribe the humor and genuine good nature, Taureans with ease will find peace of mind.


Creative but pragmatic Gemini will find their happiness in countries where the centuries-old culture combined with advanced modern life. It could be Japan, the UK or the USA. To settle the Twins are better on the ocean coast, and to do something creative that will help to unlock the potential of representatives of this Zodiac sign.


Real humanitarians – like Cancers are created to live in India. Their Patriarchal Outlook on life and a desire to help others, will help you find your destiny in this country and be happy. By the way, should not be limited one India. Representatives of this zodiacal constellation will be to feel comfortable in Tibet, the Philippines, Vietnam or China.


Graceful Lions who feel the signs of nobility, can the heart feel that their country is in Central Europe. It could be Belgium, Monaco, Denmark or Sweden, i.e. a country which is still ruled by a monarchy. For your stay the Lions will choose the capital to always be in the center of events.

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Meticulous, calm and considerate Virgo can find happiness in the same prudish countries such as the UK, Japan, Czech Republic or Switzerland. They like peaceful atmosphere, the respect of law and commitment to national values. In such circumstances, the Virgo will find something to aspire to from birth.


The representatives of this Zodiac sign is known to lovers of beauty and connoisseurs of culture. They will be to the liking Holland, Czech Republic, Italy or England. It was there, contemplating the centuries-old architecture and steeped in history, Libra will be able to feel the beauty and power of former times. True to life in those countries were a delight to have to choose a quiet city, away from the bustling capitals.


Individuals with a “burning” heart, the Scorpions would have to settle in Brazil, where there would be the use of their insatiable nature. These individuals are fine will feel, and in the aristocratic area of Rio de Janeiro and in the favelas of the city. By the way, many other Latin American countries, including Colombia and Venezuela, will become a good refuge for representatives of this Sign.


The freedom of the individual born under the sign of Sagittarius, will feel right at home, once in Greece, on the island of Malta and, of course, on the “island of Freedom” that is Cuba. These individuals should settle on the coast, which is not on the shore of a sea or ocean you can feel the taste of freedom?


Person with high spiritual beginning, Capricorns will feel like your in Egypt and in the Scandinavian countries – Norway or Sweden. To stay, they must choose a capital city, where the centuries-old culture blending with modern technology.

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Charismatic, fun-loving Aquarius will find happiness everywhere, but real harmony they will feel only in Russia. It is desirable that it was an average strip of Russia, where the breadth of the Russian soul is combined with heroic strength and warmth.


Representatives of this Zodiac sign should have to live in countries, whose life is connected with water. It could be the Netherlands or Finland, but better than Australia and Thailand. Moreover, it should settle in a peaceful and quiet towns where no one will distract Fish from unity with nature and develop their talents.

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