What causes men to betray a loved one

The main catalysts of male adultery.

Що примушує чоловіків зраджувати кохану людину

Questions that are all deceived women: why he betrayed? Sometimes the men themselves are unable to give a clear answer. In most cases, they are guided by physical desires and desire for diversity. Some of them know that committing meanness, but I find a lot of excuses. Others did not initially think of an affair as something immoral and only care about the secrecy of their adventures. But psychologists have tried to identify the main catalysts of male adultery, informs Rus.Media.

The fear of being abandoned or cheated

Men often suffer from jealousy and fear that his wife, sooner or later, will leave them holding the bag (or horns). This poses a threat to their pride and ego, so they decide to play in advance. Such jealous so afraid of betrayal that first strike, even if the wife is correct and they do not give reason for doubt. Stupid tactics pushes them into the arms of others, and in order to never experience the pain that they themselves cause wife.

Instant weakness

Despite the fact that men are naturally endowed with physical strength, most of them weak character and soul. And their main enemy is – themselves. Myself they can’t refuse in a moment of weakness, so let desire cloud your judgment, or deliberately turned off.

The absence of love

A Holy place is never empty. If feelings for one woman to die, they are replaced by feelings for another object of attention. To be in Union with the unloved partner men unbearable, hence the born of thought about the relationship with a fresh and interesting tempters.

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Що примушує чоловіків зраджувати кохану людину

The desire to assert itself

Some traitors used to increase self-esteem and to prove their own importance by the number of lovers women. These guys feel the pleasure from the increased attention and the number of love Affairs. They have no remorse and manages to skillfully hide the traces of crimes. They are difficult to catch on the hot, because each fascinated by them woman feels the one and only. The more painful the disappointment when the deception is still open.

Що примушує чоловіків зраджувати кохану людину

Cheating is not only men sin. Women, too intimate enough freedom-loving and active person with free views on life and marriage. Every case of adultery, of course, individual, but if you know the main causes that can lead to change, it is possible to prevent trouble or time to notice the deception. But the pain it saves no one.

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