What bad habits of childhood have to get rid of to lose weight

От какой вредной привычки детства нужно избавиться, чтобы похудеть

In childhood, people were instilled in us the habit of nutrition, which in adulthood becomes a cause of excess weight

If your stomach is full, but on the festive table there is one dessert, you’ll resist or succumb to temptation? A new study has shown that many people overeat and gain weight because of the syndrome “syndrome clean plate” grafted from childhood.

This attitude to food, which determines the need to finish everything to the last crumb, spread very widely.

От какой вредной привычки детства нужно избавиться, чтобы похудеть

“The concept of clean dishes has many roots, — said Connie Dickman (Connie Diekman), Director of University nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis. — Hungry children worldwide, the shortage of food during the First or Second world war and, of course, the fact that many people do not notice feelings of fullness and to eat until the food disappears. And this problem is global, that overeating is a component of our growing problem of overweight”.

The nutritionist says that most experts are aware of this mentality. They have to wean their patients from such habits is to get people to admit that they don’t have to eat up everything. To leave some intact if you are full — this is normal, moreover, extremely important in the fight against obesity.

In a series of four experiments, scientists led by Veronika Ilyuk from Hofstra University in Hempstead, new York, revealed that one product left on the plate, has a much stronger impact at the end of a meal than a few — be it chocolate, biscuits or pizza.

От какой вредной привычки детства нужно избавиться, чтобы похудеть

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