What are the benefits to large families in Ukraine: the entire list in 2019

Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

In Ukraine is considered a large family in the presence of three or more children. People in our country are relatively few, according to statistics, about 300 thousand families, of which 160 thousand, in which there are children under 6 years. Many of these families, according to the Ukrainian government, there is a real chance to get the status of low-income, so the authorities carried out special social policy aimed at supporting large families. The latest initiative of the Cabinet to increase payments to families refers to 2019.

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  • 1 additional Payments to large families in 2019 in Ukraine
  • 2 Main benefits to large families
  • 3 What are the benefits rely children from large families
  • 4 Where to go to receive benefits for large families
  • 5 What documents you need to provide to receive benefits
  • 6 Mother-heroine in Ukraine

Additional payments to large families in 2019 in Ukraine

From April 1, 2019 government humanitarian program for the introduction of additional payments to large families. Monthly payments in the amount of subsistence minimum will be families in which three or more children under the age of 6 years. Payments to the child cease from that time when he came of age to go to school. The allowance for the third and each subsequent child will be from 1 April 1629 hryvnia per month, from July 1, 2019 – 1700 hryvnia per child, from 1 December 2019 – 1 779 UAH per child per month. Prior to that, the size of payments amounted to about 860 hryvnias per month. From the budget it will be spent about 2.5 billion hryvnia.

Additional benefits provided to single mothers. Recall that part of the benefits to large families were cancelled in 2015. Keep them only with the amendment of “the poor”, which violated a number of provisions of the Constitution.

Another innovation — from January 2019, the government has introduced a program of “municipal nanny”, providing payment for Babysitting. This compensation is 1600 USD, but it can get not only a large family.

Also introduced a bill providing for additional paid leave not only for mothers but also for fathers of large families with pay, which will be provided whenever a new child. The father has all the rights for women.Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

The main benefits to large families

Ukraine has developed a number of laws to support large families. According to Ukrainian legislation, the families who brought up three and more children are awarded the following benefits:

  1. The law of Ukraine of 1 June 2000 “On state social assistance to needy families” defines the right to assistance from the state, if the monthly family income is below the subsistence minimum for all its members. The amount of assistance is calculated as the difference between the subsistence minimum and the average monthly gross income, but cannot be more than 75 percent of the subsistence minimum for the whole family.
  2. According to the Law of 3 July 1992 “On payment for land”, citizens who are raising three or more children are exempt from paying land tax.
  3. In accordance with the Law of 5 November 1991, “On pension provision”, women who have given birth five or more children and raised them until 8 years of age, after attaining 50 years of age and work experience of 15 years are entitled to a retirement pension.
  4. Also, according to this same law, women engaged in agricultural production and raised five or more children are entitled to a retirement pension from the age of 50, regardless of experience. Complements the benefits of this category of women resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from may 16, 1992. Women engaged in agricultural production in all farms, regardless of ownership, have the right to early retirement age.
  5. The law of Ukraine of 19 June 1992 free transfers to the large families the housing they occupy, regardless of the area. Theoretically, families with children also have the right to stand in a separate queue to get an apartment. Practically free housing in our country is difficult even for large families.
  6. In accordance with the Law “On protection of childhood”, the municipal and rural authorities have to provide children from large families free meals in secondary schools and vocational schools and to provide free public transport in the city and in a car in rural areas (except for taxis).
  7. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from March 23, 1992 provides eligible families with four or more children 50% discount for payment of maintenance of children in preschool institutions, and in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 26, 2002, low-income families with children are fully exempt from the payment of a food of children in secondary schools.
  8. The law of Ukraine “About the tax from incomes of physical persons” provides citizens with three or more children social tax benefit, if children under the age of 18.
  9. The period for the care of children up to 16 years of age to non-working parents in large families shall be credited to total seniority.
  10. Women who have two or more children are provided with 7 days, plus to the core, and the fathers of large families are exempt from participation in military training.

Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

What privileges rely to children from large families

In addition to benefits provided directly to parents of large families, a number of benefits aimed at support of children.

Children from large families have the right to:

  1. free medicines on prescription;
  2. priority service in all medical institutions;
  3. free vouchers to health and recreation in the camp and the sanatorium;
  4. free training in higher educational institutions when receiving a first higher education;
  5. the right to free travel in public transport, minibuses, buses, train, irrespective of distance.

Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

Where to go to receive benefits for large families

To be eligible for benefits, you must contact local and state regional authority:

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  1. to the Department of labour by place of residence;
  2. in the social protection bodies at the place of residence;
  3. in the municipal services.

What documents you need to provide to receive benefits

To take advantage of the provisions of benefits, you need to collect the documents. All data will be entered into the Unified State automated register of individuals. For registration of rights to benefits need to provide the following documents:

  1. birth certificates of children;
  2. information about the number of persons living together;
  3. settlement documents that provide municipal services;
  4. identification number of each parent;
  5. passport data of the parents.

With the issuance of certificates ends with the execution of the right to benefits.

This package of documents you need to provide every year, as during this time the family may be changes – a new born child, out of the grace age, may change the parents ‘ income, and the annual filing of documents insures the state from unnecessary expenditures.

Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

A mother in Ukraine

The mother – heroine – a reward that exists in our country since 2004, but its roots since the times of the Soviet Union. In modern Ukraine, this title is given to women who have given birth to and raised until the age of 8 five and more children. This also includes adopted children.

This title is granted by the President.

What gets a mother-heroine with the rank of and order? Since 2008 the honorary title will be supplemented with a lump sum payment in the amount of ten living wages.

Since 2004, this title has about 25 thousand women. I wonder what you can personally apply of assigning you the title of Mother-heroine, if you meet the criteria required to obtain it. Thus it is necessary to submit a set of documents, which includes passport data, certificate of birth of the children, their characteristics, the necessary information about the absence of a criminal record, the mother and children under the age of 14, as well as information about the absence of crime children. You can also provide awards, diplomas of children, which indicate the contribution of the mother in child development.

Какие льготы многодетным семьям есть в Украине: весь перечень на 2019 год

In obtaining this title may be denied if the criminal record of the candidate in mother of the heroine and educated her children. Mother-heroine relies and early retirement age from 50 years and with the experience of 15 years.

The concern about large families is designed to eliminate the demographic crisis in the country, to increase fertility and to alleviate the plight of those who decided to birth more than two children.