What are stereotypes and how they hurt us

Let’s see what it is, what harm can a stereotype of personality development, and what benefits can be drawn from this phenomenon.

Що таке стереотипи і як вони нам шкодять

Almost daily we hear this word interesting sound. And when I hear it the first time, there is no Association. But we often meet the opinion that stereotypes are bad. How can they “calculate” and do not fall under their influence?

What is the stereotype?

The etymology of this word dates back to the printing business. That was the name of a special pad, which was used in typewriters. Today, of course, everyone knows that word for a different, more human the field of psychology. Depending on the scientific school of modern stereotypes can be interpreted in different ways. However, their General idea is the same – it is the established opinion of the people, nationalities, deeds or actions. The first scientist who used the word “stereotype” in relation to psychological phenomena was the journalist Walter Lippmann. His work was written in 20-ies of the last century, during this time evaluation methods have changed stereotypes, informs Rus.Media.

That creates stereotypes of people? Where do they come from? Undoubtedly, people use their own experience, summarizes it into a stereotype. We are afraid to make a mistake again, so you can, for example, not to have Affairs with people of other nationalities, after a negative experience with one of them. However, there is a broader concept of social stereotypes. They are based on experience, but this experience lasts a few centuries. Experience and time are the main sources of stereotypes. Social stereotype is not created in one day, but to destroy it in one day is impossible. It takes a long time.

The impact of stereotypes

Because man is a social creature, she throughout his life have to be surrounded by other people.

We always have, by doing, to think about what I would say to the surrounding, approve, or respond negatively. Therefore, we must always adhere to certain behaviors, to listen to other people’s advice and opinions.

Most likely, you can hear one common General opinion is well accepted. Where, when and by whom, is not specified.

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But to eradicate them much longer and harder. Stereotype can also be called instructions received by us from our recent ancestors. For example, the company said that if a man is younger than woman, such a marriage is not valid and we still labor is becoming obsolete.

Shaping the stereotypes that society forgets to consider that each person is different and there is no standard recurring situations. Then why they are needed and live up to the present time? The answer is simple and lies on the surface. First and foremost, to making something not so, we could say that the result was pre-determined based on the previously fictional stereotype.

System and stereotypes

Have you ever heard the term “theory of set”? This term is borrowed from psychology. We so often use it, do not notice it. But with the concept we are not familiar.

Someone there is quite a fair question: why do we need to hammer down a concept, and so if we are very successful using this “theory installation” in practice? It can be short and clear answer: who owns the information, owns the world.

The fact is that when we learn more about this very theory, we can skillfully manipulate, that will produce the performance in many of our cases.

Also, it will help us to understand where and how someone is trying to manipulate us. After we can prevent and very skillfully manipulirovat by the manipulator.

Very often I used the term “manipulate”. This is because the very theory plant – part of the manipulative process. Verbal part. And it is necessary to know each, because we constantly communicate with each other, exchange information and this often leads to a change in our thoughts and priorities.

Here we take, for example, rumors. Who told you that your good friend Anna was telling someone about what you thick and disorderly slob. It’s pretty insulting sayings for every woman, and, moreover, that they supposedly uttered from the lips of your beloved friend.

What at this moment we think? Oh, how could she? I so trusted her! And my favorite dress had given her, because she really liked him too. And all the problems with her and shared all her troubles listened. Well, all….. And each of his actions.

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Although this is not true, many may not even pay attention to such rumors. But still, for the record, too. And friend to trust will be less. Well, if the friend really is saying (in the sense well, that not in vain trust it was blown up), but if she’s very decent and honest man, and sincerely loves you?

How do we harmful stereotypes – the opinion of the psychologist

Then we shouldn’t have changed their attitude. Unless the rumor is not part of a manipulative process? And if you know their structure and dynamics from the inside, then maybe we won’t fall victim to unfair rumors and know when they are truthful.

Now a small example about stereotypes. Imagine that I am your source of information. I tell you about the new play “don Juan”, which is quite a lot of noise in the press and on television. I was able to get to it first, and here I share with you my impressions

“It’s just a wonderful production! The main character is so handsome! I was ready to fall in love with him from the first row. Black hair, broad chest, manly arms…. The acting is also incredibly delicious. They experience all the emotions as the first time. Brilliantly selected text…”.

And so on. You have wanted to see this play? And to see the main character? And if I say to you: “Oh, phew. It is messy creations. Stripped a bunch of money for the ticket and look at anything. All probably allowed for advertising.

Suck at games, like first-year students of the Polytechnic. And the main character! You saw it! Some seven-month-old worm. He and some of the words I remember really could not. I thought he was gonna die on stage”….. What is your attitude to this?

The whole point is that when something is not familiar (yet), we do not have your opinions. But as soon as we begin to receive information about the object or subject we are forming our personal opinion. Though this subject has never encountered. So what would be the first information, an opinion we will build itself.

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Someone I can argue and say that it first collects a variety of information, and only then builds the view for yourself. Surely you will object. No. What you hear first is already laid on a “clean sheet”. It has already left its mark there. For ease of understanding going back to the example of play. I specifically put in the first place a good review. Now in your subconscious mind hanging information that the play is still good. And, most likely, you’re going to watch it. But if I first showed you a negative review, something to do with the play would be bad, and you soon forgot about it.


As used in life? We all once were beginners at some team work. And we wanted to colleagues and bosses think of us only the good. And so we behaved accordingly. His true nature we didn’t show.

Why do we need it? To our staff, passing information about our person to each other, passed it only in a positive way. Then you can make a mistake and not one, because the deed is already done – you have a decent image.

So works and is. We don’t know anything about a new remedy for sore throats, but on the TV show, how beautiful it is for a short period of time relieves all the symptoms of the disease. Positive feedback is stored in our head. And when the opportunity arises, we will buy and try the product. Though of course it is better to get positive feedback from people who have experienced it really

The psychological influence of stereotypes. How can you use the theory of installation? Depends in what field you work and what results you want to achieve. I can’t give you more real-world examples as it is very subjective. The main thing to remember the principle: that the first, most memorable. On it and the theory of “installation”.

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