“What about the Ukrainian…”: trump has a serious conversation with Putin, video meetings

«Что на счет украинских...»: Трамп устроил серьезный разговор с Путиным, видео встречи

June 28, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin met for the third time

The presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation hold full-format meeting, which was held in December at the summit of “Big twenty” in Argentina, but as you know then that the meeting was not held, as had place the incident in the Kerch Strait.

International media reported that the conversation between the two leaders went behind closed doors, according to the regulations, their meeting will last an hour and a half:

“This is a very modest time frame. For a half hour only to say Hello, to make one or two points and to say goodbye,” writes Strenia.

Your attention is a small excerpt from an online news meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia:

At approximately 8:10 Vladimir Putin and Donald trump began to answer reporters ‘ questions. So in 8:13 in Kiev the head of the Kremlin said

“We haven’t seen since the meeting in Helsinki. However, our staff worked and gave us the opportunity to continue what we agreed.”

«Что на счет украинских...»: Трамп устроил серьезный разговор с Путиным, видео встречи

It is noteworthy that immediately after these words Vladimir Putin started to say Donald trump, but the reporters interrupted by questions addressed, most likely, the Russian President:

“What about the Ukrainian ships?”, — we heard this question more clearly to others.

After that, the U.S. President managed to say that he would discuss with Putin the issues of disarmament and trade. And then – the press was asked to leave the room.

At the moment we know that the meeting of presidents of Russia and USA ended.

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