What a shame: Kravchuk could not resist and made three ugly truth about Poroshenko

Какой позор: Кравчук не сдержался и высказал три гадких правды о Порошенко

The desire to be even richer and incredible careerism, here are the main disadvantages of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

About it in interview to “112 Ukraine”, told the first President Leonid Kravchuk.

“It has two big flaw, I think they are active today. It’s his overarching desire to become a rich man. He won’t stop at nothing. He is a businessman. He did not control state and business Empire, which was ruled by his colleagues. Business team. This is his first flaw, which — well, he’s a businessman, he’s a competent man, his education, stationary, it’s not that he got it somewhere… owns logic, language, but here is the flaw that does not stop him before anything is wealth. And the second is the careerism incredible. Just incredible”, he said.

Какой позор: Кравчук не сдержался и высказал три гадких правды о Порошенко

Kravchuk added that Poroshenko rarely listened to advice from others.

“Well, he didn’t want to listen. Anyone. I used it infrequently, but twice requested some suggestions and realized that it is better not to go. He listens, even summoned the singer but a performer, and he knows he will do nothing”, — told ex-the President.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Leonid Kravchuk reported that the fugitive Yanukovych, when it was similar to the current idea of Vladimir Zelensky.

Leonid Kravchuk has criticized President Zelensky due to the initiative of the last to move.

Какой позор: Кравчук не сдержался и высказал три гадких правды о Порошенко

Kravchuk carried the idea of moving office Zelensky — the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has declared that does not agree with the arguments Zelensky and does not consider the “aura” on Bank bad. So the question, as Kravchuk’s position on the possible moving Zelensky from Bankova street, he said

“Negatively. We must look for and state the decision. Solutions that will protect Ukraine, can be taken anywhere – even on the street.”

The first President of Ukraine was advised not to get excited and to work where it will be most productive. Leonid Kravchuk also said that even Viktor Yanukovych, as President, considered the possibility of moving to AP:

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“Transfer outside of Kiev, somewhere on the outskirts, where a large area, entrances, not to prevent people to live and work, because here, when the delegation arrives, we stand, sorry for the word, cancer… In Kiev you can find many beautiful places, not yet occupied, and then make the place comfortable. Old Kyiv, Pechersk hills, history, people go… it is Possible to develop tourism”.

We will remind, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky plans to move from the building of the presidential Administration on Bankova street and open a Museum of art.

Какой позор: Кравчук не сдержался и высказал три гадких правды о Порошенко

He said this during an informal meeting with journalists in the presidential Administration.

“I have an idea. Already have a plan, there are deadlines, there are specific building. You can’t stay here, I’ll go mad”, — said Zelensky.

However, according to him, is “the only question that can stop a very fast moving”.

“One question that I did not agree, so now looking for a financial scheme is a normal scheme, and not the shadow of what — not to take money from the budget. Although this is something they have, but I don’t want to take anything”, — said the President.

We will remind, at first Zelensky said that thinking about “free” money for parties.

As reported Politeka, Razumkov revealed the truth about the new heads of the defense Ministry and the foreign Ministry: “the prerogative of the President.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the launch of the Parliament under the threat of failure, to such “public servants” are not ready.