What a Photobomb by Dan and Angeline Mozer!

Moments are fading, time passes so quickly, which is why taking photos has become an essential part of our lives. Through pictures, we can reminisce about past events and recreate the experience and keep the memories to last. With that, we do their best to wear our biggest smiles and capture fascinating angles and landscapes to have better stories in our photographs.

Yet, despite our best efforts, some people spoil the memento, appearing unintentionally or intentionally in the photo, deviating the interest from the main subject – the so-called photobombs. Most have no idea they are being photographed, while others developed hardcore skills in interfering in these visual keepsakes.

However, not only humans do it! Animals are capable of photobombing too! Often, they are not annoying, as they are cute and unwary of the situation but boast great timing. Take a look at this photo!

Dan Mozer shared a photo with news4jax showing his wife, Angeline, posing for a maternity shoot. In the background, a dolphin can be seen “flying,” stealing the limelight. The couple got a once in a lifetime photobomber that makes the photograph even more memorable.

The next time you take a picture, you’ll never know when a dog, bird, or a raccoon might appear. Once they do, squeal through the delight and treasure that moment of having an adorable photobomb.