What a man need women of different Zodiac Signs: someone reliable, and someone that would be proud of

Какой муж нужен женщинам разных Знаков Зодиака: кому надежный, а кому что бы гордится

Every woman dreams of their marital happiness and for each it is different things. That’s the kind of husband women dream of the different Signs of the Zodiac.

Family husband


The woman under the Sign of Cancer need first and foremost a family man. He could be more ambitious, successful and active man, but the family should be to him something Holy. Cancer woman wants to see her husband’s full commitment and desire to work together to build their family happiness.Taurus

A woman under the Sign of Taurus wants to see near itself the man for whom family comes first. Everything in his life must revolve around the family, all his achievements should be done for marital happiness. Taurus woman wants one thing — stability. She dreams that her husband also wanted to build a stable happy life.


A woman under the Sign of Capricorn dreams of her husband for whom family will be as important as for her. Of course, her husband should be able to achieve success, but all this must be done for the family. Capricorn I see a great sense of life and support the family. She will be around to support my husband and become his trusted faithful companion.

Husband best friend


A woman under the Sign of Sagittarius wants to see the face of her husband first and foremost a friend and colleague with whom is always easy and interesting. The representative of this Zodiac Sign does not want to turn your family life in everyday routine. Her husband must love adventures and bright emotions as well as she did.

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The woman under the sign of Gemini need a man who will be happy to talk to her. She needs her first friend and companion, who will share her interests and will be as easy to relate to life. Life is so interesting and multifaceted that the Twins just do not want to spend it on domestic problems.


Woman Aquarius needs freedom, as in breath of fresh air in the morning. In her husband she would like to see the same independent, but an interesting man. Aquarius wants her husband had been her first friend and confidant. And if they have common interests and one circle, it will be the happiest family.

Husband to be proud of


Scorpio woman is a very strong nature. But her husband needs to be stronger. It needs to surpass it all. All she wants is to be proud of your man. Scorpio woman wants to be married is worthy of respect and admiration for the man.


The woman under the Sign of Aries need a decent husband, which is something to love and respect. It is given to your marriage fully and waiting for her husband. Aries wants to see near him at the same time mysterious, romantic and successful husband. She is ready to give him the main role in the family and to support his ambitions.


Lion need lion and no different. She wants to see near himself the knight that will do anything for her. He must be worthy of respect and admiration, to be able to achieve success and bring to her feet the achievements. The woman under the Sign of Leo needs a man with a capital letter, for which she will be a real decoration and celebration.

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Attentive husband


The woman under the Sign of Virgo is needed primarily attentive husband. It needs to be sensitive to her, try to fulfill her little request, listen carefully when she speaks. The Virgo woman wants to see next to a man who cares for her, her feelings and desires.


The woman under the Sign of Libra needs a very attentive husband who will care for her like a flower. She will not take care of all the chores and won’t hide in the shadow of her husband. This woman should play the first violin, it needs to be the center of attention in a relationship. The best that can give her husband is to spare her from having to do something and give her the opportunity to be a wonderful decoration of his life.


The woman under the Sign of Pisces need a sensitive husband. It can be strong, successful, reliable. But the main thing is that he was attentive to her and her inner world. A woman under the Sign of Pisces will not long stand beside her a man who spends a lot of time without her. She needs someone who will not only be a support for her but will support her emotional relationships.

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