We’ve all heard about bamboo, but did you know that this modest plant is actually stronger than steel?

We’ve all heard about bamboo, but did you know that this modest plant is actually stronger than steel?

Ми всі чули про бамбук, але чи знаєте ви, що ця скромна рослина насправді сильніша від сталі?

Bamboo is a large hollow grass from the tropics with a large root system, but not everything is so simple, informs UkrMedia.

Bamboo got into the Guinness book of records

Certain types of bamboo holds the record for speed of growth. Bamboo can grow during the day, 80cm, that is, the growth rate is almost 4cm per hour.

Bamboo is also known for its height is able to grow very high up to 40m tall. Using these properties bamboo is one of the most renewable plants on Earth. Once the bamboo is cut, it begins to grow, and makes it an ideal material for many purposes.

Bamboo helped Thomas Edison invent the light bulb

Everyone has heard about Thomas Edison, but most of us don’t know about his familiarity with the bamboo. Believe it or not, bamboo is actually played a role in the invention of Edison.

Edison and his colleagues have discovered that carbonized bamboo filament in the lamp will last for 1200 hours. All other types of filaments were less hardy. Edison first filed a patent application for a light bulb using carbonized filaments made from cotton, linen thread, wood and paper. However, it turned out that the bamboo thread was the best material that led to the launch of large-scale production of light bulbs in 1880. Bamboo thread also helped Edison to avoid lawsuits.

Bamboo is stronger than steel

When you think about the strongest materials on the planet, comes to mind bamboo? If not, it is not so, because the bamboo really has a breaking strength greater than steel.

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The tensile strength reflects how difficult it is to deform the material. Bamboo is not only stronger than steel, but more resistant to breaking than concrete. Thus, bamboo is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Due to these properties, bamboo is used to create bike frames for their light weight and incredible strength. It also makes bamboo an ideal candidate for replacement

The full article can be read here https://ukr.media/science/377734/

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