Wet your for cancer: 200 swimmers push their limits

plus-200-nageurs-relayes-pendant(Nicolet) Swimming relay for 12 hours. The challenge is immense, but they are more than 200 swimmers to have increased for the 4th edition of the event Wet your for cancer. Held at the sports center of the National School Nicolet Police, the 36 teams conducted tirelessly lengths from 6 pm 30-18: 30 pm Sunday.

The objective was twofold this year. We wanted to raise $ 40,000, but also reach the magic figure of $ 100,000 in four editions of the challenge. In both cases, it was mission accomplished. Indeed, participants broke the bank when over $ 47,500 was raised. The head of the event, Martine Cote, was filled face these unexpected results. “It was truly a team effort,” she wanted to highlight.

If the event is primarily aimed at raising funds for cancer, some groups now use this challenge as an excuse to get back in shape. The charge of the event who is an instructor in fitness profession, is delighted to see people dive head first into this challenge. “There are people who have trained all winter, which really took the challenge seriously. They do this to better health and to develop healthy lifestyles. ”

“We have swimmers of all levels. Most people, they are swimmers Sunday, “she says, adding that the participants are aged between 4 and 65 years.

Martine Côté used to take part in the challenge. This year, given the magnitude of the event, she had to settle for being on the edge of the pool and coordinate teams.

Besides the fact that swimming is one of his favorite sports is also in honor of his sister that the event was created. “I wanted a challenge worthy of my sister to cancer. My sister had a very big cancer, “she says. “I had the means to get to swim 10 hours. My motivation was the illness of my sister. It was very demanding when I did the first year, “she recalls.

Martine Côté will take time to wind down, but it certainly does not say no to a 5th edition.

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