Wet feet: 7 tips that will help you to stay healthy

Промокли ноги: 7 советов, которые помогут остаться здоровым

What to do, so avoid if you already got wet feet

To get my feet wet in bad weather happened to everyone. Doctors are regularly reminded that the feet must always be warm, otherwise the immunity weakens and starts runny nose, cold, cough…

Take a hot shower

Heat helps to restore the body’s defenses. It is important not to overheat, do not SuperCool after. A good helper will be a shower gel with honey, it is useful to make a gentle massage of the back and chest. This will improve blood circulation in the bronchi and lungs.

If this is not possible, it is important to warm up at least wet feet. This should hold them in hot water and wear socks made of wool.

Промокли ноги: 7 советов, которые помогут остаться здоровым

Eat a lemon

Vitamin C helps fight bacteria and viruses. A loading dose of vitamin you can get by drinking a few tablets of ascorbic acid or eating a lemon. People suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, it is better to drink askorbinku.

Rinse the nose, gargle

Any cold starts with the activation of the microflora of the nasal mucosa and tonsils. In autumn the decline of local immunity there often embedded viruses. We think that cold, and actually move respiratory viral infection. The best way to get rid of viruses at an early stage — mechanical. Well bismarkia nose, flush it with water and hypoallergenic soap. Several times gargle with an antiseptic solution, usually applied with angina or acute exacerbations of tonsillitis.

Tea with honey

Warm up should not only outside but inside. The best option is hot tea with a few spoons of honey. Honey speeds up the metabolism and even slightly raises the body temperature.

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Промокли ноги: 7 советов, которые помогут остаться здоровым

Controversial 50 grams

The people are of the opinion that after hypothermia need to drink something strong, and doctors that regularly deny. The truth, as always, in the middle. Alcohol, like honey, promotes sweat and urine, and therefore helps to detoxify. Plus in small doses stimulates the immune system.

A great option is to make homemade mulled wine. The main thing — time to stop and not to drink a lot of spirits, because in this case the effect on the immune system is already overwhelming and the alcohol may itself be a source of toxins.

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