West “pinned” Russia, Putin was stunned by the statement on Ukraine: “We surrender…”

Запад «прижал» Россию, Путин ошарашил заявлением по Украине: «Мы полностью сдадимся...»

Vladimir Putin spoke about the occupation of the Crimea and Donbas Russia

At this moment in Russia is the “Straight line” with President Vladimir Putin. In that event, Putin could not fail to mention the issue of the Crimea and the Donbass.

So, answering the question of possible “reconciliation” between Russia and the West, Putin said that Western countries pursue a policy of “containment of development” of the Russian Federation and China.

“Reconciliation is not an issue. If we fully surrender, spit for their fundamental national interests, will there be any changes? Some external signals are, but fundamentally nothing will change… What do you mean ”make up”? We never swore,” — said Putin.

Запад «прижал» Россию, Путин ошарашил заявлением по Украине: «Мы полностью сдадимся...»

He added that the West supposedly tries to “contain” not only Russia but also China, although Beijing has no relation to Crimea and Donbas, which sanctions was imposed on Moscow.

“Look, after all, China has nothing to do with Crimea and Donbas. We are accused that we are Donbass occupied, that complete nonsense, of course. But China is not a part of this, but the tariffs for its goods, and it is the same sanctions, increase and increase,” — complained the Russian President.

He is sure that the reason for this lies in the attempts of the West to “prevent the development” of his country and China.

We will remind, earlier in Russia is a direct line to the President of the country Vladimir Putin. But soon after its inception the organizers of the event got to the staging issues.

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Запад «прижал» Россию, Путин ошарашил заявлением по Украине: «Мы полностью сдадимся...»

June 20, reporters Rostv allegedly spontaneously came to one of the Russian hospitals, staff could ask the President a question. However, journalists accidentally let slip that was already in a medical institution informed. This was written in Twitter Igor Chelukanov.

“Straight Line” is the best show! “We are here now at the hospital, came here with absolutely no warning.” After 4 minutes: “Now we find the head of the office, here are standard layout, we were here yesterday””, — he quoted the Russian correspondents.

Recall that Putin received a strong slap in the face: “over Ukraine”.

As reported Politeka, the EU told us how to put Putin on the spot: “push to…”, details the crushing blow.

Also Politeka reported that Zelensky has disclosed that Putin is waiting for Ukraine: “Until the return of the territory…”.