Well-known TV presenter told about the cruelty Pugacheva: “it is Better not to see”

Известная телеведущая рассказала о жестокости Пугачевой: "Лучше этого не видеть"

Rumors about the true nature of the prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva broke out with new force

So, rostv removed the issue of “million dollar Secret” in honor of the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva (the artist was 70 years old April 15), where he spoke about the bad sides of the legend of the Soviet stage.

So, including it was about the nature of the prima Donna. Wife of a close friend of the singer, musician Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, noted that “it is better not to see rasshirennoe Pugachev”, and host of the show Lera Kudryavtseva, in turn, called Alla “fury”. A short video of the transfer posted on the official page of “million dollar Secret” in Instagram.

“It is better not to see” – with a laugh replied Julia.

“Fury?” said Kudryavtseva, the wife of Nikolaev added: “I think it is enough just one look”.

Известная телеведущая рассказала о жестокости Пугачевой: "Лучше этого не видеть"

Also earlier it was reported that the broadcast of the TV show “the people” famous music producer Andrey Razin has shared his memories of meeting with Alla Borisovna. The producer said that the performer drew their attention to it and called to his country only after his project “Tender may” has reached the peak of its popularity.

“Hatred, envy, rigidity, a lot of money, the love of the people, but the destruction of artists — all Alla. Irina Ponarovskaya was telling me in 1985 that she “was off her oxygen.” With her almost agreed on every artist who appeared on the stage,” could not refrain from Andrei Razin.

Известная телеведущая рассказала о жестокости Пугачевой: "Лучше этого не видеть"

Recall that the famous musician Sergei chelobanov told intimate details of their relationship with the diva, Alla Pugacheva.

According to Sergei Chelobanova, they with the singer completely satisfied each other in bed.

“A woman can be beautiful, clever, but if I don’t like the smell of her hair, then goodbye. Pugacheva smelled obsession with sex,” — said in an interview with the musician.

On the question of what is a Diva in bed, Sergei chelobanov raised his thumb up, which meant “super”. The actor also repeatedly stressed that between him and Pugacheva was “not only a feeling” and “animal instinct”.

Recall that Kirkorov has finally revealed how much he earns at the “Eurovision”.

As reported Politeka, Kirkorov can deny the title of people’s artist of Russia.

Also Politeka wrote that Pugachev was urgently operated on the eve of the anniversary.