Well-known producer revealed the truth about the disease Gubina: “Andrew was a tragedy”

Известный продюсер раскрыл правду о болезни Губина: "С Андреем случилась трагедия"

Producer of “Tender may” Andrei Razin believes that Gubin invented his illness

In the 90s a famous singer and just a handsome Andrei Gubin listened to the entire post-Soviet space, however, at some point, he abruptly disappeared from radar. In the network there are rumors that he invented a disease to go from the scene, according to “KP”.

As reported by friends, the bells about the deteriorating psychological condition of Andrey Gubin began in the 90s, when the wave of the immense popularity he began star fever. The last performance Gubina took place in 2005. According to them, a major role in his departure from the scene played Zhanna Friske, which Gubin was a long time in love.

Известный продюсер раскрыл правду о болезни Губина: "С Андреем случилась трагедия"

“Gubin told me that he always hurts the person and people who are not faced with this, the problem is not to understand. The man he is, of course, with cockroaches. Andrew has changed a lot. No one knows what happened to him. Now he is only concerned with his health. And spent a lot on doctors has been observed in many clinics, held at various examination”, — told the TV presenter Leonid Zakoshansky.

According to friends of the singer, doctors are unable to find any abnormalities. For example, the producer of “Tender may” Andrey Razin believes that Gubin had invented her illness.

“Andrei has serious mental problems. He thinks he is constantly itchy and sore face. We took him to the doctors, they found nothing. Talking to him was difficult, he attacks all”, – says Andrey Razin.

Note Politeka wrote that the 45-year-old singer Andrey Gubin with his lover several months living in Thailand. About it on March 19 told his music producer Taras Basisin. Also, the producer said that the fall of the contractor, having new tracks and worked tirelessly, but he never finished. “His work is now of little interest”- noted Basisin.

Известный продюсер раскрыл правду о болезни Губина: "С Андреем случилась трагедия"

The producer does not communicate with the singer ever since he moved to Asia. In turn, the singer’s fans took this news as the final end of his musical career Gubin.

“This is the end?”, “It is a pity that the new songs and not wait” — they write in social networks.

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