Well-known journalist Sergei Dorenko died a horrible death: details of the tragedy

Известный журналист Сергей Доренко погиб страшной смертью: детали трагедии

For the life of a journalist, television and radio host, commentator, producer Sergey Dorenko fought the doctors

It is reported that well-known Russian after he crashed his motorcycle, was on the verge of life and death.

59-year-old Sergei Dorenko in the capital of Russia was driving the motorcycle brand “Triumph”. Suddenly, he fell from a two-wheeled vehicle, according to the telegram channel Mash.

Chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” suddenly felt ill and could not cope with the motorcycle.

Dorenko was urgently hospitalized. He was saved by the doctors. However, the doctors were powerless. The TV presenter died without regaining consciousness.

Note that before the fatal accident Dorenko condemned sensation, arranged around the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport, which occurred on 5 may.

He expressed displeasure that around the tragedy of too much of a fuss, threw a tantrum and an attempt “to soak someone’s head in the toilet”, while actually only need the bare facts and objective assessment.

“I see the cunning and impudent trick, I start the Commission not to believe. In fact, it is the participation of stakeholders in the independent investigation. You don’t take us for idiots? Unless the driver gazelki and representatives of the GAS involved in the investigation of an accident on the road?”, – expressed the controversial TV host.

We will remind that the patrol rammed a Lexus in Kiev: the details of the night of the accident.

As reported Politeka, Max Barskih broke the silence after the accident: “I used to…”.

Also Politeka wrote that an accident with a drunk Deputy killed the father and the son: “made a hell of the way.”