Well-known journalist died after a fight with avtohlam: “fought to the last”

Известный журналист умер после драки с автохамом: "боролся до последнего"

A Russian journalist died after a fight on the road: the doctors fought for his life for two months

Journalist Michael Skuridin in the night of may 20, died in hospital after two months of coma. This is reported by Russian media.

Skuridin regained consciousness only once, when on may 3, the doctors took him out of state drug-induced coma. It was noted that the journalist couldn’t speak, but was able to slowly make the simplest movements. May 16 Skuridin again fell into a coma, and the doctors to the last continued to fight for his life.

Skuridin, who worked in the newspaper “Magnitogorsk metal”, ended up in the hospital after he was beaten during a traffic conflict. According to his wife Natalia, the fight took place in Magnitogorsk on March 31. The journalist was seriously injured and the other driver left the scene on the Kia Sportage silver color. Police are searching for party conflict, but so far without success.

Известный журналист умер после драки с автохамом: "боролся до последнего"

Earlier it was reported that he died videographer Denis Rudenko, who was severely beaten on 10 may in Poltava, near his home on Prospekt Mira. About his family announced in a Facebook.

It is known that around 23:00 Denis was attacked and severely beat him. In the hospital, the man was in critical condition. After admission to the Poltava regional hospital Dennis removed the hematoma of the brain and put it in a state of drug-induced coma. He was diagnosed with a fractured skull, the man knocked the eye.

Известный журналист умер после драки с автохамом: "боролся до последнего"

Denis became worse in the night from 18 to 19 may: “at Night, the blood pressure, doctors have long reanimated, but to no avail…although they were all sure that he consistently is on the mend. Hope with each passing day it became more and more… But sometimes life goes its own way.” — wrote Elena Rusanova Koblitskaya.

In the police report that they arrested a suspect who may be involved in the beating. The attacker seized the cell phone of Denis. To the criminal threatens from 7 to 10 years of imprisonment under part 2 of article 121 of the criminal code (Deliberate heavy injury, entailed death of the victim).

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