Well inc. debated behind closed doors

The consortium composed of the Real Estate Fund of the FTQ, SherWeb and Groupe Custeau was not at City Hall on Monday to present the final version of its real estate project to revitalize Wellington Street South. Instead, elected officials took the time to debate, including incentives to attract developers to downtown.

R call that the mayor Steve Lussier announced last week that a public presentation of the final project of the consortium would be made this Monday. On Friday, a press release announced the opposite, stating that the entire working session of elected officials would be in camera.

“There will only be counselors. The consortium will not be there. He filed his applications. We will look at the incentives and we also have to adjust the tower of the HQ. People who go to that tower should tell us why they want to be together. This is not clear for many people. It is important that counselors understand everything before voting. Are we going ahead or are we going to tender? That’s what we’ll discuss, “Lussier said before the meeting.

Legal issues also needed to be addressed, for example if it is actually possible to build two towers in the downtown perimeter on the City grounds. “In legal affairs, there is nothing settled. That’s why it does not give anything to the public. Normally, we should have looked at the legal things at the beginning and not at the end. I can tell you that I did not leave this file. I arrived and it was already gone, so I will respect it until February 15 as planned. We should have done it at first and I will not hesitate to say it. ”

Will the City necessarily go to tender? ” I never said that. All of a sudden legal affairs come to me to say that it works … I leave the chance to the consortium to present us something that is still beautiful. It is necessary to leave the chance to the runner. I said I would be transparent. Transparency is coming soon. ”

At the time of writing, the camera stretched for nearly eight hours.

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