Well-composed portraits

dany-lefrancois-patrick-simard-photographiesThe briefest exposure of the season took place on Wednesday evening at the gallery La Corniche Chicoutimi.

For an hour or two, we could appreciate the work of Patrick Simard, who defines himself as a photographiste. He hung 35 works amalgamating photos and objects in the wake of the campaign called Making arrange the portrait.

The idea came from the owner of the gallery, Chantale Hudon, who is also a member of the board of the Theatre of the Black Turtle. Since this company practice object theater, why not capture people with an object of their choice, in return for $ 250?

This proposal seemed bold when it was introduced during the winter. Based on the program Patronage Placements Culture initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec, which doubles the amount collected was hoped constitute a profit of $ 10,000. In the end, $ 15,160 have been raised.

“We invest a lot of passion in our company and see the support we give the Board of Directors and the persons who ordered a portrait, it gives us wings,” said the artistic director of the Turtle black, Dany Lefrançois, watching the works hung in La Corniche.

Itself lent itself to the exercise, as his colleague Sara Moisan, and he fell in love seeing how Patrick Simard has meshed with a four-leaf clover. “I spent the summer in search and that I had brought to the meeting, which was very small, looks like a mask placed over my face,” said the playwright.

The tax François Imbeau, he lives with a beautiful fly reflecting his taste for fishing. This one is in color, while originally, Patrick Simard was to use only black and white. To understand what led him to change his mind, just look at the head of Marcel Ouellet.

Big fan of Pink Floyd, his features are matched to the famous triangle that adorns the cover of the album Dark Side Of The Moon. Without color, it would not have worked. “I was present at the meeting and did play a part of the group. This has created a beautiful moment, “says Dany Lefrançois.

Some preferred to associate with their family members, while others, like Sister Julie Larouche with his microphone, alluded to the profession they practice. Seeing all these portraits, we measure the magnitude of the challenge which Patrick Simard, who arranged two weeks to deliver the completed works. “It’s a continuation of what I do: graphic design and theater posters. The difference is that at the beginning of the year, I was paralyzed by stress. So many people had boarded the game and trust me. They had paid a certain amount and expected to love, “recalls Patrick Simard.

He could finally breathe Wednesday night, thinking of the success of the campaign and the appeal of his photographs. No wonder that demand has exceeded supply, but names have ended up on a waiting list. In two years, unless unforeseen, they also have the privilege to be arrange the portrait.

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