Weight loss: top 10 reasons to start walking to the pool

Снижение веса: 10 главных причин начать ходить в бассейн

There are many reasons to fit into your schedule swimming workout in the pool

Swimming for humans is as natural as running or walking, but few know that the usual swim on the beach trains almost all muscle groups at the same time! And the list of advantages of swimming ends. The effect of regular exercise in water is really great, here are some positive aspects:

Weight reduction and posture. The fact that regardless of style, swimming trains every muscle in the body, for anybody not a secret. Also cold water helps your body to expend much more energy. For the greatest effect, try to develop the most energy-intensive style butterfly.

Nervous system. Scientists are strongly advised to regularly go swimming, because it stimulates the production of endorphins and may be an excellent competition antidepressants! As soon as you feel that you are overwhelmed with negative emotions, a few more minutes, and away you go — grab a swimsuit and get in the pool!

Снижение веса: 10 главных причин начать ходить в бассейн

A good night’s sleep. If the evening did not get to sleep quickly, do not rush to take medication. Much better to start with natural sleeping pills – sailing. For relaxation, swim simple styles – breaststroke or backstroke.

A healthy heart. Few people know, but many athletes came to swimming with a purpose to get rid of asthma attacks. The fact that the required during the voyage, the correct formulation of breath, and the humid air have a beneficial effect on pulmonary function. With regular swimming decreases the heart rate (45-50 beats per minute at rest), and at the same time increasing maximum power (up to 200 cuts).

Gentle training. The perfect form of physical activity of swimming will seem to those who need to recover from injury or just to relax a little after a hellish workout in a gym. In addition, swimming is a great complement to running, as it promotes faster recovery of muscles, which can not provide even the long awaited days of rest, devoid of any activity.Снижение веса: 10 главных причин начать ходить в бассейн

Who needs to swim?

Swimming is the one activity that must be addressed, first and foremost, for fun. However, some of this sport just need. For example, it is useful to swim in diseases of the spine, because the lessons in the water will help strengthen the frame of muscle — and that, in turn, must be strong to surround the spine and keep it in good condition.

Those who are contraindicated with weight training in the gym seem that swimming is the best sport for them. To the group of those who do not allow for strength training, are people with problematic joints, pregnant women and people with excess weight.

Swimming is such a universal activity that he could even prescribe as a treatment for certain diseases. Swimming to treat varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, intervertebral hernia, bronchitis, multiple sclerosis, and also obesity and asthma.

Despite the obvious benefits of swimming as exercise equipment, and medications, this sport has some contraindications. This kind of physical activity is better to avoid people after brain injury, with bleeding, and patients with allergies or epilepsy and those who suffer from acute viral infections or chronic diseases.