Weight loss after 45: how diet and exercise can help

Похудение после 45: какие диеты и упражнения могут помочь

To be attractive and healthy at any age. The main thing is motivation and a great desire

The first step towards getting rid of extra inches to balance your diet and give up bad foods.

The power of women over 45: what kind of food can you?

Are you over 45 and want to lose weight at home? Make sure your refrigerator is always enough fruit, vegetables and berries. In particular, citrus fruits, apples, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens. Fruits and vegetables contain few calories and at the same time saturate the body with nutrients. These foods help the digestive system, strengthens heart health. Bananas, for example, are rich in potassium and help to reduce blood pressure.

Cook whole grain cereals. Buckwheat, oat, corn and wheat cereals are the best options for Breakfast. Contained in grains vitamins will promote normalization of the digestive system. Your gut will thank you for such a choice.

Rice, bread and pasta eat in small quantities. Not often, 4-5 times a week.

Drink teas. Eat low-calorie vegetables and fruits rich in water. Eat products with hydrating effect that cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, watermelon.

Похудение после 45: какие диеты и упражнения могут помочь

Minimize the use of salt. It slows down the process of removing fluid from the body of 45-year-old women and older.

The process of losing weight and alcohol – not something that would be compatible. The problem is that a glass of wine contains 70 kcal. So try to settle for less. Drink no more than the acceptable dose. To celebrate an important family event or achievement at work, allow yourself occasionally – 150 g dry white. Always put near the glass of a glass of water to quench your thirst. After 45 better not to buy a sweet wine, not cocktails and other drinks very high in calories.

Only occasionally indulge in fast food and high-calorie biscuits. Pastries made with white flour yet no woman did not help to lose weight.

Regularly eat foods containing calcium. Drink a glass of skim milk or yogurt at least once a day. This will help the bones become vulnerable in the period of menopause. Also, you should eat about 50 grams of fresh cheese. Do not use “kislomolochny”? There is a solution! Among non-dairy sources of calcium – soy milk, tofu, canned sardines, orange juice, cereals.

To look good, eat often and in small doses. It will improve metabolism and help control hunger.

Years take their toll, but it is not a sentence. Remember that the main principle of the age of power – a gradual decrease in caloric intake, rather than abandoning it. So don’t forbid yourself everything. Eat in moderation and preferably not at night.

Effective protein diet

Protein diet is the most optimal for a 45-year-old. It can even be called gentle because of the fairly broad list of allowed foods.

Похудение после 45: какие диеты и упражнения могут помочь

Menus for weight loss after 45 years

During the protein diet, do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Do not drink alcohol, soda and try to drink a half liter of water per day. Losing weight can be delicious! Create a menu based on your preferences. To your attention a possible model of supply.

Breakfast options:

  • 2 slices of bread with flax, sliced tomatoes and a few drops of olive oil, natural yoghurt, kiwi.
  • Unsweetened cottage cheese with your favorite berries.
  • Scrambled eggs with spinach and feta cheese.

Dining options:

  • The rice and boiled Turkey with vegetables.
  • Beef steak + vegetables.
  • Salad with mussels, shrimp and other seafood.
  • Veggie Burger with whole wheat bread and 2 slices low-fat cheddar cheese.


  • Baked salmon in the oven porridge from barley.
  • Fried in a tea spoon of olive oil asparagus and braised rabbit.
  • Boiled chicken + salad.
  • Sauteed vegetables + French omelette with slices of tomatoes + natural yoghurt.

Options snack:

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  • 2 tablespoons hummus with 6 whole wheat crackers
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Cheese.
  • Natural yogurt + grapefruit.

Results diet

Thanks to this diet and a moderate exercise you can drop two pounds a week. In any case, do not chase too high numbers. If you choose a different way to lose weight and get rid of, for example, from 5 pounds in 7 days, it will significantly harm your body.

Suggested protein diet effective, safe and, very importantly, long. You don’t recover immediately after a special diet. The rapid return of weight often occurs as a result of other, more radical diets.

After consultation with a specialist protein can be partially integrated into their daily lives. This will help to stay in shape and feel younger.

Try to keep under control the elements that can derail a diet. During weight loss eat right on business trips, do not drink alcohol even on holidays, not sedate stress and so on.

Похудение после 45: какие диеты и упражнения могут помочь

Physical exertion after 45 years

After 45 years need genuinely love regular exercise. Try the activity that you really like. Let it be what you will be able to do a few times a week: to ride a bike, to swim, to dance, to squat. In General, it will fit almost everything except lying in front of the TV.

If the state of health does not allow to do sports, try the accelerated pace of walking for 40 minutes a day. Long walks in the fresh air an important piece of the picture titled “Weight loss after 45”.

Start to practice yoga. There are no age restrictions. But, of course, do not try to stand on my head and sit down on the side splits. Curl up in a knot, too, is not necessary. Just try to start a dialogue with your own body, try to work with thoughts. After 3-4 sessions you will notice that feeling better, came the long-awaited ease in the movements and sensations.

As a woman to remove belly fat?

After 45 years in women, hormonal rebuilt the system. Because of this changing body shape, often growing belly, which transferred fat cells. So they did not stay there for permanent residence, reconsider the diet, enrich a menu of healthy food and regularly perform special exercises.

For burning fat on belly and sides regularly exercise at home:

  • Twist the Hoop three times a day for five minutes.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees. Lift your pelvis and carefully strain the abdominal muscles, and at the same time and buttocks. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Lying on the back, spin the virtual pedals. Imitate riding a bike. “Ride” so somewhere one minute.
  • Lie on your stomach, try simultaneously lift your arms and legs. Lock the body in position “pumps” for 4 seconds.
  • Popular do the exercise “scissors” (4 times).
  • Lie on your back, raise the legs to 90 degrees. Down. Repeat 10 times.
  • Hold in plank on the elbows. This will help to bring the stomach in order. If you have no contraindications, start with 20-30 seconds and gradually increase the time. 5 minutes a day is enough.

These effective exercises will strengthen the abdominal muscles in around a month. No doubts in their abilities. Just do it!

Похудение после 45: какие диеты и упражнения могут помочь

To lose weight after 45 years: Effective tips

Take a clear decision to correct your form. Do not go the distance on the way to the goal.

  • Limit the amount of received calories, and how much to spend. If you have a sedentary job, try to consume less. Perform effective exercises for your age.
  • Every day spend time on your body and you will never be at a club fat Chicks.
  • Make sure that your body got all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If necessary, take additional drugs.
  • Practice not only at home but also outside. Classes under the open sky will promote the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, which is very useful for bone health.
  • To lose weight after 45, carefully adjust your diet. Cook from natural ingredients, minimize the use of conservation of salt. Eat more fresh fruit Avoid sugar in favor of honey. Remember that boiled chicken breast or Turkey is always better than any sausage.
  • Protein diet – a real opportunity to get rid of pounds in a week. Develop an interesting menu and lose weight with pleasure.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. If you abuse the water, the body will reward you by swelling.
  • Lose weight gradually. Because of the abrupt weight loss can SAG the skin. In such a situation it is difficult to look younger and fresher.

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