Weekend for New year and Christmas in Ukraine 2020: when and how to relax

Выходные на Новый год и Рождество 2020 в Украине: когда и сколько отдыхать

New year and Christmas holidays Ukrainians will rest longer, but some days will have to work

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine signed a decree on the weekends for the holidays.

Thus, the Cabinet recommends the transfer of working days from 30 and 31 December at 21 and 28 December, writes Рoliteka. As a result, Ukrainians offer four output — 29 December 2019 1 January of the following year.

In addition, December 25 will be closed in honor of Christmas.

Also in January 2020, it is recommended to make a weekend from 4 to 7 January. And the work day to move from 6 to 11 Jan.

Выходные на Новый год и Рождество 2020 в Украине: когда и сколько отдыхать

Recall, October 14, in Ukraine will celebrate the Day of defender of the Holy virgin and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. The holiday falls on a Monday. Thus, Ukrainians will rest from 12 to 14 October.

Earlier it was reported that 31 October is Halloween a celebration of evil forces.

Now the holiday has lost its religious significance, it is already marked in countries where never was common Catholicism.

At the moment people just spend so time and often hold costume parties. In Ukraine Halloween is becoming more popular every year. After all, this holiday is loved by both adults and children.

Note, the Halloween story starts on the island in the UK. 2000 years ago the area was inhabited by the Celts. People were celebrating, choosing a black, color of night and death and orange, the color of the crop. These colors remained for the next century, although the essence of the holiday has changed completely.

Выходные на Новый год и Рождество 2020 в Украине: когда и сколько отдыхать

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