Wedding Kuhar and Stoyanov: became aware of this unexpected decision, “was forced to…”

Свадьба Кухар и Стоянова: стало известно о неожиданном решении, "были вынуждены..."

Catherine Kuhar told that she was forced to postpone a long-awaited wedding with Alexander Stoyanov

Prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine and member of the jury at the show “Dances with stars z” 2019 has announced that it has postponed the wedding with Alexander Stoyanov. About the artist with her future husband said in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

Alexander Stoyanov and Ekaterina Kuhar waiting for the official wedding ceremony in Ukraine. The leading question Lily Rebrik, when will be the wedding, they said they can’t determine the date.

Свадьба Кухар и Стоянова: стало известно о неожиданном решении, "были вынуждены..."

“Actually, we this pleasure a little retard. It would be 100% in Kiev, but the date is small shifts, because we have a very tight ballet schedule. We had initially planned for September, and now smoothly moved to November,” – said in the air “the Wound s with Ukraine,” Alexander Stoyanov.

In turn, Catherine Kuhar was playing a joke on a favorite.

“When we were married in America, he made a ring of Japanese ribbed studs. It turned out to be sticking needles and looked like a crown of thorns. And he said it’s like life to me. I usually don’t wear his ring, with which he many years ago he proposed to me, but then I did. And when on the ball we carried them to the scene, it was my luxurious diamond ring in the shape of a heart and next to him lay a lame duck spun wire with thorny wreaths. Now I understand why”, – said the ballerina.

Свадьба Кухар и Стоянова: стало известно о неожиданном решении, "были вынуждены..."

Recall that Catherine Kuhar was impressed by Ukrainians outright outfit. Catherine quite often shares details of his personal life. And today in Instagram appeared touching stories of a ballerina with her husband Alexander Stoyanov. In the video, Kuchar with her husband in a semi-transparent lingerie posing for the photo shoot.

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By the way, the outfits of Catherine and Alexander were perfectly matched in color and combined with each other in style. The groom gave his preference to the unique tailoring wedding dress three. Famous bride chose a dress of powder color from Iryna Kotapska by Andre Tan.

Recall that the half-naked MARUV climbed on the table to Kuhar

As reported Politeka, participant “s Dances with stars” performed on the stage in a transparent outfit

Politeka also wrote that a leading “z Dances with stars” was married live.