Wedding Kamenskih and Potap: disclosed new details of already known the name of the groomsman

Свадьба Каменских и Потапа: раскрыты новые детали, уже известно имя дружки

Recently in mass media there was information that Nastya Kamensky and Potap are planning to get married later this month. Disclosed new details about the upcoming marriage

Writes about this Clutch, with reference to its sources.

The singer Nastya Kamensky — perhaps the most discussed person of Ukrainian show business. Her videos and music are gaining millions of views in a matter of days, and the audience does not get tired to discuss her possible affair with producer Potap. So, recently, the media reported that the Kamensky marry Potap may 23. It first wrote the edition Country, citing an anonymous insider. To “events” there are only two weeks, so very soon we will learn whether favorite on-screen couple decided to legalize their relationship.

Свадьба Каменских и Потапа: раскрыты новые детали, уже известно имя дружки

As it became known Clutch from an anonymous source, the ceremony will be present the former wife of producer: Irina Gorovaya. There is information that she will perform at the wedding Kamenskih and Potap friend (a witness). The source claims that the newly-married couples after the event will go to honeymoon on the same day, and will continue their honeymoon until the 3rd of June.

Свадьба Каменских и Потапа: раскрыты новые детали, уже известно имя дружки

Also, the insider said Clutch, in anticipation of the celebration Nastya and Potap increased training regime. This explains the recent transformation of the producer.

We will remind, earlier it became known that the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky and Potap producer, which has long attributed the secret affair, will soon get married.

Insiders told reporters that in late may, the couple decided to get married.

Ukrainian rapper and producer Alexey Potapenko, also known as Potap and Nastya Kamensky ward will soon become husband and wife. The reporters claim that an insider from the environment of the star couple insist that the wedding is scheduled at the end of may.

“This will be the 23rd of may, Thursday. Finally Potap and Nastya will shout “bitterly!“. The wedding will take place in Kiev, and after the newlyweds depart on honeymoon”- quotes the edition of the insider.

Recall that without makeup Kamensky showed how resting with Potapov.

As reported Politeka, Kamensky made a Frank admission on the eve of the wedding.

Also Politeka wrote that without makeup Kamensky started the morning with Potapov.