Weather will make the Ukrainians pleasantly: +25 back, the weather forecaster called the date

Погода сделает украинцам приятно: +25 возвращаются, синоптик назвала дату

Weather in Ukraine again, Ukrainians will be pleased with warm days and no rain

So, in the next week air temperature again will start to rise. Politeka writes about this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

Погода сделает украинцам приятно: +25 возвращаются, синоптик назвала дату

On Friday, October 11, the temperature goes slightly down and the street will be quite fresh.
During the day the temperature will stay at around + 12 + 16 degrees, in the South of + 15 – + 20 degrees.

As for precipitation, they are expected to be in the center of Ukraine, in addition to the Vinnytsia region and the South-East. Therefore, residents of these regions will be better prepared and take with you umbrellas. Also there is a chance of local rain in the Western and Northern regions. The wind will be West.

But the temperature in the capital is not much please the citizens and guests of Kiev. On Friday, October 11, there is a probability of precipitation. The temperature will be around 14 degrees. In such weather you have is better insulated, in order not catching a cold.

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Погода сделает украинцам приятно: +25 возвращаются, синоптик назвала дату

At the weekend the long-awaited heat. Precipitation in most regions is not expected, therefore it is possible to plan field trips. On Saturday and Sunday it is expected + 16 + 23 degrees. On the Cover is expected to increase temperature to +25 degrees.

Remember, Japan is suffering from the powerful showers, the victims more: footage of the frantic elements.

As reported Politeka, popular resorts will lay a wave height of three meters: started to panic, the element is close.

Also Politeka wrote that the Crimea went under water, no electricity.