Weather rain on Ukrainians a new blow: the test of hell’s heat is just beginning

Погода обрушит на украинцев новый удар: испытание адской жарой только начинается

Hot and rainy, rainy and hot here it is June this year. Where today will try the sun, and where the saddle rain, read the weather forecast for Friday, June 21

According to the meteorologist, today in Ukraine the weather is not going to be boring.

A little, though monotonous forecast for residents of Western Ukraine. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, in the region the probability of precipitation. The temperature of the air just “rolls over”: at night +16…18°C, but the day to +30…+32.

In Northern Ukraine, partly cloudy weather. Here at night +17…+19, and the day heat +31…+33°C.

Mostly Sunny in Eastern areas. Night temperature +18…+20°C, and the day just tropics +33…+35°C.

In the center of the cloudy. Here at night will be +18…+20, and in the afternoon the air warms up to +31…+33.

In the South, except for the Odessa region, going to be Sunny. Forecasters predict the tropical temperature, at night it will be +20…+22 C, and at +33…+35°C.

In Crimea , partly cloudy weather. Night on the Peninsula +21…+23, and the day will be fry – +33…+35°C.

In Kiev Sunny. Night in the Ukrainian capital +19…+21°C to +31…+33.

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