Weather preparing a surprise, perfect +21 back: to have more luck just

Погода готовит сюрприз, идеальные +21 возвращаются: кому повезет больше всего

Don’t sit at home this Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the amazing weather. “Indian summer” in Ukraine in full swing. Read the weather forecast for Saturday, October 12

As predicted by the meteorologist, we are expecting a beautiful day – no rain and warm.

In the Western regions the weather forecasters of rains do not promise. In the region the night the air temperature will be +6…+8°. And in the afternoon air will get warm in some areas up to +19…+21.

In the North the sun will Shine. At night, the mark on the thermometer will be +5…+7° C, the day will be warmer to +14…+16.

In the East, a few clouds. Here at night +4…+6° C, in the afternoon on the thermometer +15…+17.

In the heart of precipitation is observed. Night temperatures in the region will be +5…+7, day +17…+19.

In the southern part of the country partly cloudy. Night in the region +5…+71. In the afternoon on thermometers will be +18…+20°.

In Crimea, also without rain. Night on the Peninsula the air temperature will be +6…+8, in the afternoon will rise to +17…+19°.

In Kiev , partly cloudy weather. Night in the Ukrainian capital +6…+8° C, and in the afternoon already +15…+17.

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Wind South-West, his power and speed is 5-10 m/s.

Погода готовит сюрприз, идеальные +21 возвращаются: кому повезет больше всего

We will remind, winter is coming: the weather will cause an unexpected blow that hasn’t happened.

As reported Politeka, the scientists found the most dangerous for mankind time of year.

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