Weather prepared autumn kick: “summer is gone, but promises to return”

Погода подготовила осенний удар: "лето ушло, но обещает вернуться"

Weather in the near future will surprise the Ukrainians — the heat does not retreat, but already tomorrow the situation will begin to change gradually

Detailed forecast for the coming weekend presented a Ukrainian weather forecaster Natalia Didenko. September 13 in Ukraine perhaps the warmest day. Tomorrow, 14 September, warned the weather forecaster, Ukraine to cross a cold atmospheric front. According to experts, the temperature will be significantly reduced:

“In the Western regions, in the North, North-East, in the most Central areas of expected maximum +17 — +23 degree”.

Погода подготовила осенний удар: "лето ушло, но обещает вернуться"

This weekend, 14 — 15 September will be cool for most regions of the country:

“The rains will mainly go small,” writes forecaster. Precipitation should be expected in the West, the North and Center:

“Until the end of the day 14 September the rains can reach Odessa region and Kharkiv region”. The wind will be Northwest and gusty, sometimes even should be expected to 15-18 m / s. Only the South soon there will be “typical” South:

“In the South and in the East will remain dry, warm weather with daily air temperature +24 — +28 degrees.” The capital will cover the rain, but not for long:

“In Kiev the coming SYNOPTIC perspective — very interesting. Short night and tomorrow morning in the capital will be rain on Saturday, clear on Sunday — rain “. According to the forecaster, through the “power” of a cold atmospheric front, Kiev is in the cool air:

“During 14 — 15 September assuming about 20 degrees”.

Погода подготовила осенний удар: "лето ушло, но обещает вернуться"

To +23 — +24 degrees likely will be on Monday, September 16 — and seemingly a little heat will take revenge, however, on Tuesday, the 17th cold will become even stronger, especially in Kyiv and region:

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“The thermometer creep down below 20 degrees, with gusty winds”.

SEM also that from 16 September to 22 September let you know the fall: the daytime temperature drops to +21 … + 13 at night will be +8 … + 15 will Sometimes rain.

In the third week of September 23 through 29, again it will be fine and will be enjoying a Golden autumn day with air temperatures from +16 to +26, and night — from +7 to +14. With regard to precipitation, their sclera will not.

But in early October, already cold. The day temperature will be +12 .. + 14 chance of precipitation. But then again the sun will come out, the air warms up to +15 … + 20, but the nights are already noticeably cold +4 … + 9.

As for frost, the capital won’t have any. But in the mountainous areas of the Ukraine, the temperature can fall below zero. The cold autumn will be the inhabitants of the Chernihiv, Sumy, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions.

We will remind, summer is left of Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

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