Weather is preparing a sharp turn: +20 rage in Ukraine, but not everybody will be lucky

Погода готовит резкий разворот: +20 ворвутся в Украину, но повезет не всем

Ukraine weather starts to warm up, and will soon appreciate the pleasant temperatures

As reported Politeka about this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

The next night frosts almost completely leave our territory, with the possible exception of the far East of Ukraine.

And tomorrow afternoon, October 10th, the thermometer will rise to + 14 + 20 degrees.

A little cool to be in the Western regions, + 12 and + 16 degrees.

Rain possible in the West of Ukraine, along the Northern border, and the rest of the significant precipitation is unlikely.

It is noted that South-West wind may be gusty, sometimes strong.

In Kiev tomorrow you unbuttoned the top button of the coat and even two — day expected warming to +16 +18 degrees. It may be cloudy, but no rain.

“At this temperature and a gusty southwest wind will create the illusion of spring weather,” said forecaster.

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Погода готовит резкий разворот: +20 ворвутся в Украину, но повезет не всем

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