Weather in Ukraine will strike the sudden change: “rejoice not +39”

Погода в Украине поразит внезапной переменой: "радуйтесь, что не +39"

Capricious weather will give Ukrainians a reason to wonder

In the near future in Ukraine will be long cold and sometimes prolonged showers.

This writes the forecaster Natalia Didenko:

“Umbrellas in the near future remain relevant in Ukraine. Rain, thunderstorms. Who a lot of rain — rejoice not in Africa — +39 “.

In some places the sediments are alternate light:

“These clarification give a very beautiful picture of clouds and sky — squat behind the lilac Bush, and on the background photograph, very well,” added Natalia.

Погода в Украине поразит внезапной переменой: "радуйтесь, что не +39" Погода в Украине поразит внезапной переменой: "радуйтесь, что не +39"

The weather forecaster said that the Ukrainian rains caused the cyclone over Italy:

“The cyclone over the North of Scandinavia affects us tails of atmospheric fronts. By the way, some Italian tails cyclone also relate to our territory.”

May 12, Ukraine will be one of the warmest countries in Europe:

“In most of our fields tomorrow afternoon it is expected + 18 + 24 degrees, in the Crimea and Odessa region + 15 + 20 degrees”.

In Ukraine’s capital Sunday will take place with periodic rain and thunderstorms:

“The air temperature is comfortable — at 18 to 20 degrees. And nights were warmer + 10 + 13 degrees “, — concluded the forecaster.

Recall that in Ukraine on Easter, snow fell.

As reported Politeka, weather upset Ukrainians: much colder, more accurate forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather division of Ukraine: the present summer and cold.