Weather in Ukraine will show the character: how will the battle of the two cyclones

Погода в Украине покажет характер: чем закончится битва двух циклонов

What is expected weather in Ukraine tomorrow — reply

Ukraine was in the combat area of the anticyclone and cyclone Corina near the Caspian sea. In the 22 August in our country are expected gusty winds, particularly strong.

This was reported to the national forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page in the social network. Expert advises motorists not to Park under a long time old big trees.

Forecaster also warns about the heat, which runs to the South, East and most Central areas. The temperature in these regions will reach +30 to +35 degrees.

In the Western part — the temperature on Thursday will be from 23 to 28 degrees. The heat will weaken in the Northern regions — from +25 to +29 degrees.

Погода в Украине покажет характер: чем закончится битва двух циклонов

Погода в Украине покажет характер: чем закончится битва двух циклонов

According to the expert, in most areas, the rains on this day are expected. The air is dry, the local precipitation is possible around the Carpathians and in the North-East.

In the capital will be easier to breathe, there will be Sunny and dry, and temperature — from +26 to +28 degrees.

At the end of the week for the holidays — the weather in Kiev will remain unchanged.

“There is still time, get your favorite embroidered shirts, think about who to donate to the occasion, suddenly someone there who linen long sleeve who of lawn, depending on the SYNOPTIC situation of your location and the maximum temperature of the air,” concluded the post Didenko.

Earlier we wrote that in Kharkiv on 21 August, the night temperature ranged from +13 to +18 degrees, and from +28 to +33, through the city at night from +16 to +18, day +28 to +33.

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Погода в Украине покажет характер: чем закончится битва двух циклонов

Also weather forecasters promise variable overcast, without precipitation. Wind North-East, 5-10 meters per second.

We will remind, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences research hydrometeorological Institute gschs of Ukraine Wazir Martazinova told about the weather in August and September. As promised, the third decade of August will end the cold snap.

After the 20th day of the last month of the summer will be lowering the temperature, and in September will become warmer. In particular, in the first month of autumn it is expected a stable temperature of +24 to +26 degrees. In late September, sharply colder, and even frost are predicted.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian land.

Also Politeka wrote that the irreversible catastrophe will destroy all of Europe