Weather in Ukraine will change dramatically: “the perfect weekend”

Погода в Украине кардинально изменится: «идеальные выходные»

The weather forecast for the coming weekend surprised the Ukrainians

Cosy, warm and rain — the residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital are in for a pleasant weekend.

The main reason for the desired warming in Ukraine — anticyclone Neyvi.

This writes the forecaster Natalia Didenko:

“The people of Kiev! While near over the city there are rains with thunder-storms and make the air so wonderful, the weather forecast for the next weekend.”

So we know that the capital will be warm and cloudless. Saturday and Sunday, may 18-19, will be Sunny:

“The temperature promises almost perfect SYNOPTIC comfort: around 20 degrees”.

Lovers of barbecue will finally hold their master classes, jokes forecaster:

“Sunglasses purchased — call all weekend in the fresh air. High Neyvi will try “.

Погода в Украине кардинально изменится: «идеальные выходные» Погода в Украине кардинально изменится: «идеальные выходные»

As you know, Bangladesh was struck by a powerful cyclone “Fanny”. Experts say the hurricane, which destroyed over two thousand houses, came from neighboring India. Rare tropical storm came up the coast at speeds of over 120 km / h.

Experts complain is to predict the approaching storm was extremely difficult:

“No one was sure of the trajectory of the promotion of the ominous bad weather”.

Погода в Украине кардинально изменится: «идеальные выходные»

Погода в Украине кардинально изменится: «идеальные выходные»

It is expected that the storm may hit with new force, this time with the power of 200 km / h. it is also Known that the country was the largest evacuation in history — more than a million people a day. It is also known that the storm blacked out thousands of homes — three million were left without electricity.

Recall that the cyclone “Fanny” may 3, stunned by his “appearance” in the Eastern part of India. It covered nine districts in the same state — is 52 city. The government has not provided accurate information about those killed and injured in the emergency, many were missing. According to local media, the total number of victims of the hurricane at least 34 people.

Recall that in Ukraine on Easter, snow fell.

As reported Politeka, weather upset Ukrainians: much colder, more accurate forecast.

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