Weather in Ukraine will change dramatically, frost and snow attack: when waiting for a shot

Погода в Украине резко изменится, морозы и снег атакуют: когда ждать удар

Weather in the near future is preparing Ukrainians a nasty surprise, because the heat is replaced by cold

As reported Politeka, stated forecaster Natalia Didenko.

“No rain, the fogs will be much, the temperature will be in the day +13+18 degrees in the West to +22 degrees. This weekend almost complete for a long period of very warm October weather, next it can be cold and even wet snow. Completed October — is currently somewhere warm. Since Monday the temperature will gradually decline,” she said.

Погода в Украине резко изменится, морозы и снег атакуют: когда ждать удар

In Kiev, according to Didenko, the output will be “misty, no rain, with daytime temperatures around 15 degrees”.

“In the future in the capital will also start to get colder: Monday +12, Tuesday +10, environment +8, and then the rest of the week the night was going to be real “cons.” Waiting for a good weekend, waiting for heating, I hope that changing weather patterns will disperse the fog and give some fresh in every sense of the air,” she said.

Earlier we wrote that on Monday, October 28, will start freezing. Ukrainians are waiting for the rains, and October 30-31 even possible sleet. The temperature gradually falls to a value from +8 to +10 degrees.

Meteorologists said their forecasts. According to them, in November Sunny days will be replaced cloudy. The temperature in the first half of the month is expected to average between +5 to +9 degrees, and closer to the second half — +1 to +6 °C.

To make predictions for the winter too early, but earlier it was reported that in early 2020, the temperature becomes very low, and Ukrainians are waiting for heavy snow. However, it is worth noting — other forecasters say that winter bude warm enough.

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Earlier we wrote that the national forecaster, Vasily Gorban, said winter in Ukraine will begin on December 12. According to him, the temperature will constantly fluctuate, and the cold will be replaced by warmer days. January and February will be tougher, the projected snow almost every day, and the temperature range is from -18 to -20 degrees.

Погода в Украине резко изменится, морозы и снег атакуют: когда ждать удар

We will remind, a powerful element that struck the metropolis, thousands of people trapped: images of destruction.

As reported Politeka, the weather was crazy, the weather forecasters were stunned by the forecast: fall is cancelled.

Also Politeka wrote about a toxic cloud over Ukraine: forecasters can no longer remain silent, “to breathe”.