Weather forecaster predicts weather for the next few months of autumn

Leonid Gorban forecaster predicts that October will be cold and wet weather in November will be a light frost with a thaw, but December will be very warm.

Синоптик прогнозує погоду в Україні на наступні місяці осені

After the first week of October, Ukrainians will see a significant temperature drop and the first frosts, informs Rus.Media.

“From October 1 to 9, the daytime temperature will be around 19-23 degrees, then to 10 Oct will be a sharp decrease of the temperature up to 11-13 degrees above zero,” – said the forecaster Leonid Gorban.

But in the first days of the month also you should not relax, according to the forecaster, in this period Ukraine will be hit by storms. Heavy precipitation will take place October 8-9.

“The 14-16 number is expected to re – decrease of the temperature to 7-10 degrees Celsius, followed by heavy rainfall, and this temperature will hold until the end of the month, and in some days the temperature will drop to 4-5 degrees” – predicts forecaster.

Gorban argues that all of October, not counting the first week will be cold and wet.

“The first frost, you should expect 9-10, and the second will come on October 16-17,” – he said.

With regard to the coming of winter, the weatherman advises not to rush this. According to him, in November expected light frost thaws, and December will generally be very warm.

“Severe frosts us wait from 3 to 15 February will be 20-25 degrees Celsius, also around 20-27 Jan will be too cold. And by 20 January will be warm”, – he said.

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