Weather for the weekend is preparing a surprise: the heat, the rain and strong wind

Погода на выходные готовит сюрпризы: жара, дожди и сильный ветер

Became a famous weather forecast from forecasts on may 4-5 in Ukraine

These days will be warm. In the afternoon the air temperature will be + 15 + 22 degrees in the South and East + 18 + 24 degrees.

But in the Western regions will blow fresh air + 12 + 17 degrees, in the Carpathians + 4 + 9 degrees.

Saturday is expected rainfall periodically throughout.
Dry weather will observe the day on may 4 in Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv regions, as well as in Zaporizhia, Donetsk region, in the districts of the Dnieper.

May 5, will pass rains, places with thunder-storms at night on the West and North of Ukraine.

Day funeral Sunday the rains are likely only in the Western regions. The rest of the territory of Ukraine is going to be Sunny.

Also on Sunday is expected to wind South.

In Kiev, may 4 — night and morning are expected to be local rain, cessation of rain.

May 5 — the night will probably be rain, the day will be Sunny.

5 may in Kiev is expected to wind with strong gusts.
The temperature for the weekend will be + 18 + 20 degrees.
On Monday in Kiev will be a cold rain is expected.

At the same time forecaster Natalia Didenko said Kiev should be prepared because “the coming storms and showers”.

“Cover the thing that should not get wet, and tell someone who does not know how to hide from the storm. Expect shower and thunderstorm. Already here” she said.

Погода на выходные готовит сюрпризы: жара, дожди и сильный ветер