Weather causes solar “impact”: the weatherman announced a fresh forecast

Погода наносит солнечный «удар»: синоптики озвучили свежий прогноз

Summer is approaching the finish line and the weather was beginning to please. However, not all of it will be clear, but on the entire territory of Ukraine – hot. In some regions the rains, and which dry? Read the weather forecast for Wednesday, August 21

As predicted by the meteorologist, the temperature readings will be “hot” for all inhabitants of Ukraine, but not everywhere they were accompanied by the sun.

So, in Western Ukraine the company is good the “pros” on the thermometers will be rain outside the window. The night temperature in the region will be +15…17°, and in the afternoon air will get warm in places up to +30…+32.

In the North , weather forecasters promise dry and scurry weather. Night in the region the air temperature drops to +14…+16, in the afternoon up to +29…+31°.

In the East , too, Sunny. At night here on the thermometers, you will see the temperature of air +15…+17° C, and in the afternoon to +30…+32°.

In the Centre – partly cloudy. Here at night will be +15…+17, and in the afternoon to +30…+32.

Sunny and hot – that day will be, and in the South. Night in the region of +18…+20, in the afternoon on thermometers will be +30…+32°.

Not a drop of rain falls and in the Crimea. Night on the Peninsula +18…+20, the day temperature +30…+32°.

In the capital of Ukraine, partly cloudy weather. Night in Kiev +16…+18° C, and at +30…+32.

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Погода наносит солнечный «удар»: синоптики озвучили свежий прогноз

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