“We will never forgive!”: Tsymbalyuk pinned the traitor to the Ukraine. Do you like it?

"Мы вас никогда не простим!": Цимбалюк припечатал предателя Украины. Как вам?

The scandal surrounding the Kremlin propagandist Alexander Chalenko, threatened Ukraine seizing new cities, got a bright continuation

As you know, Oleksandr Chalenko, the radio station claimed that the Kremlin wants to “return” three Ukrainian cities.

According to Kremlin propagandist who escaped from Ukraine to Russia after the revolution of Dignity, it is supposedly “natural desire and restoring historical justice.”

"Мы вас никогда не простим!": Цимбалюк припечатал предателя Украины. Как вам?

Controversial statement immediately responded to the Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, who was also the radio station. He blew his propaganda speech about the “common people” and allegedly the fault of Ukraine during the war, which began in the Donbass.

Live Roman Tsymbalyuk reminded the traitor, upon whom rests the real responsibility for the bloody events in the Donbas. He stressed that before the invasion of the Russian invaders Ukraine was quite happy.

“Alexander said that the President poured the blood of Donbass. So, I would like it to redirect to the Russian boss Vladimir Putin, who in 2014, not only was praying for some defenders of “Novorossiya”, but directly said: “We send to the Donbass people decide military questions.” Now, to the moment, while Putin and other representatives of the Russian authorities did not send to my country to solve military issues, we were fine, we were a peaceful country,” — said in a broadcast Tsymbalyuk.

"Мы вас никогда не простим!": Цимбалюк припечатал предателя Украины. Как вам?

“And about these fantasies “we are one people”. In principle, until 2014, I wouldn’t even argue. I would have thought: strange people, well, they want to live in this paradigm, for God’s sake. Just explain me one thing — once we are “one people”, why are Russian soldiers, Russian citizens shoot and kill citizens of Ukraine, including Russian?! Is it not strange, if you thus, fire and sword, trying to prove that there are no Ukrainians that we are the same as you? Me and millions of citizens of Ukraine, this formula is unclear. We you for it will never forgive. And you’re not “one people”. You — Russian invaders of our country!”, noted Ukrainian journalist, turning in the air to the traitor, who escaped to Russia after the revolution of Dignity.

Tsymbalyuk also said Chalenko that “civil war” in the Donbas were led by the mercenaries who came to the Ukrainian territory from Russia.

“If we are “one people”, then some guys came a Russian citizen from Moscow and has headed so-called quasiregular? Here some contradiction. After 2014, I had a lot of friends from Donetsk, who was forced to flee from the orcs, who were brought here this Borodai, Girkin”, — he concluded.

We will remind, Zhirinovsky has disgraced the word about Ukraine, he must go to the cemetery.

As he wrote Politeka, released towards the Russian rocket burst rage Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that on the Crimean bridge, it turned out that was most afraid of Putin.