“We will achieve…”: Zelensky was surprised by the recognition at the meeting with Trudeau

«Мы достигнем…»: Зеленский удивил признанием на встрече с Трюдо

The recognition came during a private meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada

Zelensky also during the meeting, noted that Canada is a friend of Ukraine.

In Toronto there was a meeting of President Vladimir Zelensky and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the press service of the head of state.

«Мы достигнем…»: Зеленский удивил признанием на встрече с Трюдо

During the meeting, Zelensky said that Justin Trudeau has inspired him to enter politics.

“Canada really is a friend of Ukraine. She confirmed it with real steps to support our country in the sanctions policy against Russia’s aggression, as well as in the preservation of sovereignty and protection of territorial integrity”, – said Zelensky.

Also politicians discussed the development of relations between our countries, discussed the military conflict with Russia on Donbass.

Zelensky said, how in Ukraine can finally be peace. A very effective tool for this is the continuation of sanctions against the aggressor country. The President also believes that peace in the region can be achieved through political and diplomatic means.

“The advent of peace in Ukraine was the first of the issues that we discussed with Mr. Trudeau. I am confident that we will achieve real progress only political and diplomatic means. And, in the end, will force Russia to stop the escalation, to ensure a sustainable ceasefire, to ensure the dilution of forces and release of all Ukrainian prisoners,” said Zelensky on Tuesday, July 2, in Toronto at a press briefing after a meeting with Trudeau.

Zelensky added that the Ukrainians understand that the international partners are losing money from the sanctions policy. “But, sorry, we lost the territory and losing the people,” he said.

«Мы достигнем…»: Зеленский удивил признанием на встрече с Трюдо

Also at the briefing Zelensky said that Ukraine is interested in sotrudnichestve with Canada in the military sphere: “This is a significant contribution to the strengthening of our defense capability”.

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Not spared the attention of the President, economic and trade relations between the two countries, which, according to him, he would like to strengthen.

Zelenski also said that soon will sign an agreement on youth mobility. He noted that the Ukrainians will be able to come to Canada for up to one year to work and study.

According to Zelensky, Canada invited our country to participate in the Trusted Traveler program, which will allow Ukrainians to obtain permission to enter Canada under a simplified regime.

Recall, Trudeau revealed all the cards on the visit Zelensky in Canada: “looking forward…”.

As reported Politeka, Putin humiliated in the eyes of the world, the Russians furious: “nothing.”

Politeka also wrote that the plan Zelensky Donbass took an unexpected turn, the Russian flies: “Ready to sign…”.