“We manage to take our place,” said Antoine Duchesne

antoine-duchesneAntoine Duchesne has the impression that the team Direct Energy won points with other teams participating in the Tour de France on Tuesday for the fourth stage between Limoges and Saumur. It would obviously have preferred to see his teammate Bryan Coquard win, but he took the time to put things in perspective, a few minutes after the end of the race.

“The big trains have approximately 10 years of experience, while we, we all have 25 years, noted the cyclist native of Chicoutimi. It’s been a year that we really work together. This is the first year we put a train around Bryan. Sure we make mistakes and it’s not perfect, but we show that we have the strength and we are able to be there.

“Increasingly, we are enforcing in the squad, we are able to take our place.” That said, Antoine Duchesne acknowledged that the situation was a bit frustrating. A first stage victory eluded his team by a few millimeters.

“Bryan has further shown that it is one of the best sprinters in the world. It’s a bit disappointing because we know that we are able to have this victory. We spend close every day, “he said.

“We are all a bit disappointed. Everyone has done his job. Skip close like that, it’s always a little heartbreaking. We were well placed throughout. The only thing that has not turned out as we wanted, this is Adrian (Small) derailed twice, which was that he could not really throw Bryan. ”

Antoine Duchesne finished Tuesday’s stage to the 105th level, at the same time as the winner (5h28m30s).

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