“We have a war!” Ukraine was urged to close bus links with Russia (VIDEO)

«У нас война!» Украину призвали закрыть автобусное сообщение с РФ (ВИДЕО)

Ukraine must stop direct bus with the Russian Federation.

This was stated by first Deputy representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Nigeria Gdanov in Facebook, commenting on the proposal of the Ministry of infrastructure on termination of the direct railway communication with Russia.

“Termination W/d posts with the occupier, clearly correct the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, also need to urgently address the termination of bus messages,” he wrote.

Gdanov comments “Apostrophe” stressed that the basis for this initiative has been the safety of the citizens of Ukraine and the Ukrainian territory and “termination of all possible relationships and, in particular, messages with the aggressor”.

“Russia seized part of our territory, we have war. Nothing good from the occupier, we do not expect”, — he said.

“This additional pressure on the aggressor and insulation inadequate neighbor who does not respect the legal boundaries of States. Such steps should do the entire civilized world that Russia was feeling the consequences of its international gangsterism,” — said the first Deputy presidential representative in the Crimea.


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