Water skiing will be suspended when the lake water is too polluted

1219505(SHERBROOKE) Water sports on the lake of Nations will be suspended when the water is too polluted.

The City of Sherbrooke, the Public Health Department and the Eastern Townships School waterskiing Jean Perrault announced the introduction of measures to preserve the water quality of the lake in the heart of the municipality.

The precautionary closures of the Lucien-Blanchard beach because of heavy rain will also be applied to the Lake of Nations, do we announced.

Thus, water skiing activities will be suspended when the test results will exceed the criteria prohibiting primary contact activities such as swimming.

For several years, Lucien-Blanchard Park Beach is the subject of a monitoring of water quality through regular sampling. On many occasions, the beach has been closed, either because of the grade obtained during sampling or prevention in the aftermath of heavy rain.

This summer, the same measures will apply to the Lac des Nations. On several occasions, in 2014 and 2015, samples from the Lac des Nations and at both ends showed the presence of fecal coliform or E. coli sufficient to prohibit the holding of sports activities such as water skiing on the lake.

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