Water broke: how many births

Отошли воды: через сколько роды

After that you will be hard to gather, but will have

Water broke, when to give birth, how much more time? Perhaps these questions arise in the first place then. The most important thing is just not to panic and remember the time when it happened, according znaj.ua. This is very important because the doctor needs to know, when my water broke.

Then we will tell you step-by-step plan of action after just broke. Read more.

What to do if water broke

So what to do when your waters broke? There’s no exact answer, but of course, everyone understands that you need to immediately go to the hospital. In addition, you need to tell doctors exactly when the water broke and their characteristics.

That is, to describe their color. That is why you need to wear light linen and in any case not black. Besides bedding it is also desirable to use only light. This will help you not only determine color, but the number of waters.

Also, you need to understand about exactly how much water moved. Of course, after such a surprise, it is difficult to concentrate, but nevertheless, you will need to pull yourself together. The total amount of water of approximately 1.5. – 2 liters, but first leave the front water – 250-300 ml. In principle, the difference is palpable.

Then you have two options:

  • If you walked a little bit of water transparent color, so you can strongly not to hurry (several hours you have there for sure), but in any case to go to the hospital and tell the doctor.
  • And if you have moved the water green, then you need to urgently go to the hospital (you will have this just an hour and a half).

In addition, once you water breaks, you have to take the knee-elbow position. It must be done in order to reduce the chance of problems in childbirth. Stand so you need approximately 10-20 minutes.