Water brings danger into the homes of millions of Ukrainians: “the authorities are hiding the real truth”

Вода несет опасность в дома миллионов украинцев: "власти скрывают настоящую правду"

Ukrainian water taps poor quality water, it has become a real poison for the human body

It is possible to detect zinc, aluminum, manganese, iron, and many other quite dangerous impurity.

This conclusion was reached specialists from the Institute of colloid chemistry and chemistry of water. It is in this Institute conducts tests of water taken from different parts of the country. In the air, in water, in house dust: ecologists have discovered a new and dangerous substance. The chemical is present almost everywhere.

Вода несет опасность в дома миллионов украинцев: "власти скрывают настоящую правду"

According to experts, they find our water has quite a lot of pathogenic bacteria that multiply in the pipeline, and hazardous impurities. Employees of companies that are engaged in the inventory of water supply networks say that quite often a pipe through which water flows to the taps of our homes are more like sewage. Scientists claim that use water that has boiled more than once is dangerous to health.

“If they do not replace planning, there this process will take place regularly. And of course, all the networks need to perform, to plan their reconstruction and rebuild,” says co-owner of an engineering company.

Currently in Ukraine, about 70 thousand kilometers of water pipes, which need complete renovation. This distance is equal to six diameters of the Earth. But, in order to upgrade these would require an amount equal to eight billion dollars.

Вода несет опасность в дома миллионов украинцев: "власти скрывают настоящую правду"

Also earlier it was reported that bottled drinking water in Ukraine has turned out to be unsafe.

The lack of access to clean drinking water has become a big problem for Kiev. Ten years ago, few could believe that the water to quench your thirst will be a real shortage and a fairly valuable commodity.

Not so long ago in Kharkov, for example, experts in the laboratory have conducted an independent analysis and imported bottled water sold in the city. They found that more than 80% of bottled water is supernatant water from the tap or normal water which is thoroughly filtered carbon filter.

Recall that the quality of water will not, and will dear forum and unnecessary bridge.

As Politeka wrote that Suprun called the top threat to health drinks

Also Politeka reported that water with worms running out of the taps in the Odessa region