Antique shop. The man looks at the Windows, wanting to find something unusual for the spouse. Tomorrow is her birthday, and he still has not found a worthwhile gift.

— Maybe you suggest that? asked the dealer, inspect the visitor.

I don’t know what to give wife on birthday.

— Take the clock. You will not regret. They are special.

— If so – take.

The watch was really special. We can say, magical. Perfect looked at her thin, graceful hand. She loved it. Gold watch – something that has long wanted. As the months passed. The husband began to notice that something was wrong in these hours.

— Do not you think that watches make you older every day.

— Honey, we all get old and watch here and.

— Maybe get rid of them?

— Don’t be stupid. I like them very much. I have owned it.

— Well, — reluctantly agreed the husband, so as not to upset the spouse.

When she was seriously ill – he invented to turn the arrow in the opposite direction. And, lo and behold! She began to recover, she returned to the force, moreover start to look younger. Every day the husband had been given hours ago, trying to regain her youth. She was growing more beautiful every day — it made him happy.He always cared for her, trying to make happy.

“We do not lose time and make friends with him,” turning back the clock, remembering “the Tale of lost time”, quietly muttering husband.

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Watch really had a magical property that overshadowed the face of those who believed in their magic power.

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